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I think that people don't want to be forced to see that bad things happen to good people and innocent children, so it's easier for them if they are in denial about how big of an issue it is. As soon as they "get it" their bubble is burst, so they hang on to the thought that it isn't so bad and don't even consider the cost to you. I have found that the older ds gets, the less public we are about any of it. I guess you just get disillusioned with people and don't really...
what's cgm?
I was looking at the site for the meter that's approved for 7 and up and it says that it has a safety feature where you can't set the lower limit below 90. I think that would make it a problem for us. DS's blood sugar can be in the 60's on IV d10 so it'd probably beep all the freaking time. Are you guys going to try to get insurance to cover it? My son has BiPap and it's not FDA approved till over 40 lbs I think, but insurance still covered it. We just had to sign a...
my son has severe fasting issues with hypoglycemia and we've considered something like this. We didn't follow through on it because of the seven and up thing though. My son's 3.5 too. If you find anything else about it, will you post it here or PM me? I would love to be able to just poke him once and be done with it.
yeh, so they both had them on the same day. I knew how he did while he was still in radiology. Generally when they're aspirating, they give results quickly to prevent more aspiration.
I don't know about the rest of it, but we know the result of the swallow study while we're in there doing it. The SLP that does it tells me what's going on each step of the way. My son had one day before yesterday at 8 AM and the report was in and the GI read it at our appt at 2:45.
Wendy, we waited almost a year and a half before doing an appendicostomy and I wish we had done it so much sooner. It has been wonderful. I love not having to give enemas anymore. I just sit him up on the potty, hook up his tube, hang a bag of saline, and let it rip. No more inpatient clean outs, no more holding down for enemas, no more milk and molasses. It's wonderful. And it's really not a bad surgery at all. Neblett did L's and I'd totally recommend him if you guys go...
We're kind of in the same spot. I'm not sure if Linden can control his pee. He's extremely verbal and if you ask him about peeing in the potty he'll say "sometimes I can pee and sometimes it won't come out and sometimes I don't know that it does." So I don't know if that's standard "i'm not totally aware of my body" little kid issue, or if he really can't control it all the time. He's peed in the potty a few times, but not consistently. So I know that he can do it...
Just a bit of a sore throat for my kid. He doesn't eat by mouth so it didn't affect anything much, but I've heard that some times they don't want to eat for a day or so just because it's uncomfortable. It didn't really seem to bother my guy much at all and he was back to normal that afternoon.
cute overload! Linden with me Both kids On his 3rd birthday with a cake made entirely out of gum.
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