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figuring that out would definitely be the best way to go. If the cause is something you can fix that would be a very good thing. I wish you the best of luck figuring it all out and I send you tons of poop empathy. Sometimes it feels like life revolves around poo doesn't it? lol
My son doesn't have Hirshprungs, but he can't poop on his own from poor colon motility. We do/did a bowel management program. We used to do daily enemas, but he has an appendicostomy now (a tube into his appendix, we flush it with 1000 ml of saline with fiber added). So we still do bowel management, we just don't stick anything up his butt anymore, which is quite nice. Bowel programs are hard to adjust to at first, but if you can manage to be totally consistent every...
have you looked at any metabolic stuff or neuro muscular issues?
Quote: Originally Posted by moongazer He is eating, drinking and nursing normally Thanks for asking! Plus no more apnea! YAY!! Dude, that is TOTALLY worth it! I'm glad he's doing great now. Hopefully you guys will get more sleep now!
Well if it makes you feel better, my "normal" child had one last week. She had a high fever for several days and her strep test was negative. They did a finger stick CBC to see if it was indicative of infection and it was, so they did a urinalysis. The UA came back positive, so they put her on abx and sent both the strep test and the UA for culturing. Ironically the strep grew out and the urine was clean. So she DID have strep. So they use it mostly for things like that....
Nah, a finger prick for a CBC (complete blood count) is pretty standard if they don't know what's going on. It can tell them if there is an infection they are missing (like a bladder infection or something) so if they're missing something, they can keep looking till they find where the infection is. It can also tell them if it's just viral. Not a big deal at all. They can find scary things or signs of immune issues etc, but I promise they use them regularly to try to...
I'm sorry you guys had some rough spots. s how's he doing now? Is he drinking yet?
that's awesome!
yes, but if you think they are making bad decisions, you talk to them about it. They have malpractice insurance, you don't. There are just a lot of legal ramifications to lying to your doctor about something like that.
yeh, I really want to put off the whole power chair thing. I think he could manage just fine with a manual chair for now and I don't want to have to make the modifications to the house and find a vehicle that it'll go into. I already talked to insurance and they said that as he gets older if he needs one, the five year limit won't matter because manual chairs and power chairs are in a different category. So that is on hold till he really really needs it. And I'm thinking...
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