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I am so glad you guys finally have an answer!!!! and that it's manageable! I have thought lots about you guys in the past and it's nice to know that you'll never have to wonder what's going on again. I bet it takes a huge weight off your shoulders. s
after loads of zofran, he seems to be feeling loads better. he hasn't puked since 11, so almost four hours. Looks like the zofran is doing the trick. Hopefully now he'll be able to rest and heal.
He's still very very sick. He's puked 6 more times through the night. He's so wiped. So we're going to the dr at 11. I hope they give him an IV. Here he is right now.
Quote: Originally Posted by bdavis337 So how did he sleep last night??? he's still vomiting and all that, so sleep wasn't too great. around three we had to take the o2 off cause he puked up the prongs. So we had to clean them out and switch cannulas. It was really annoying. I'm hoping that he's getting better. He's lost almost 2 lbs so far. The last time he puked was two hours ago. This is like day 5 or so.
we use vinegar and water. We don't do it as often as we should. I only clean the tubing if it has moisture stuck in it.
oh, and those seven were just the ones that were at or below 83. It said that he yo-yo-ed a lot, but brought them all up on his own unless they dropped below 84.
Quote: Originally Posted by bdavis337 Wow, that's a lot of desats. I wonder if that's why he's been waking so often during the night - he's waking up to breathe? yeh, no joke. Here's to hoping that we sleep more tonight than we have in a long time!
Well, we spent all day at the pulmonologist. I asked why they weren't concerned about his last sleep study, and he said he'd go over it with me. So he sat down with me and went through it. Only, it wasn't the right one. There had been a clerical error, and when someone was told to pull his sleep study and put it in his file, they pulled the first one he'd ever had. So we waited while the nurse practitioner went over to the other building and physically brought back his...
He just has a cold, but it instantly went down into his chest. The problem with him is that he doesn't have an efficient cough. So he can't move stuff up well. If he does move it up, it doesn't get up high enough, it just blocks his airway. And since he can't swallow, he can't get it back down. Then he chokes, vomits, chokes again and recovers. He is just puking his brains out cause of the choking. But it's scary to watch him do it. We're supposed to have a cough assist,...
we have that "my first bubble blower" and it kicks butt! we've never had a problem with it. We buy bubble juice by the gallon and just use the cheap stuff. But I like this one cause it makes him participate and move.
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