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This really sucks. I wonder what is going on in his head. I mean, my ex has done stupid crap before, but this really is sad. I mean, why would he let himself get treated like this?? Does he have really low self esteem? Why would he want your child to witness behavior like this?? Sad stuff, I am so sorry. I absolutely agree that I would not let your babe near this woman, you have every right to be cautious....meeting in a public place sounds like a good idea. I hope he...
Alanis Morrisette, Under Rug Swept. It is so awesome!! Love, Christi
I love Sex and the City too...I just got finished watching the first season on DVD...hilarious!! I don't get cable, so don't really have much to rant about. I'm too broke....I'd be pretty happy to see any exciting TV right now since they only kind I see has lines in it... Love, Christi
I am proud to be a single mama!! To me, single mama means independent, strong, ass kicking mama! Of course, I really don't care what others think, so that helps too!! People don't know how hard it is being a single mama. I don't want people to think I am partnered. I want them to know I am doing this alone and doing a damn fine job. Hope you find a title you like, but after all, it's just a title... Love, Christi
I agree with everyone else about not using daycare. I know not all daycares are bad...but I think your babe would do well with one on one at that age. I just pulled my 3yo out of daycare for many reasons (tell these to your DH, maybe it will help) Too many kids/not enough providers Terrible food and drinks being served...and I can't afford to bring all my own stuff My kid ended up in the ER after being sick for a month (starting with two days after her first day) and...
I love Cunt too! If you need a laugh, read David Sedaris or Anne Lamott. I liked The Price of Motherhood a lot. The Vagina Monologues. Anything by Harriet Lerner (Dance of Motherhood, Dance of Anger, etc.) SARK! Body Outlaws by Ophira Edut Mary Karr (Liar's Club and Cherry) Love, Christi
New Posts  All Forums: