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heartathome@att.net GReat midwife who caught my fourth baby and has been at many friends' deliveries. She also has a friend who is in your area.
The La Leche League groups on town are really great. I don't know about organized groups, but I will ask my mama friends what they recommend. I do know that there is a Pregnancy Test Center in Vestavia, just off HWY 31 on Columbiana Rd, behindArby's. They are GREAT there, free ultrasound, clothes closet, childbirth and parenting classes. The CB class teacher is very natural minded and breastfeeding friendly. She should definitely check them out.
There are midwives who will attend homebirths as well as one who will attend a birth in Tennessee.
I am a statistical anomaly! My water has broken within 1-2 contractions of my labor beginning with all six of my pregnancies.
Hi Laura! I am not a midwife, but I know one! She is a close friend, and amazing. http://www.10moonsrising.com/ This is a link to her website. Feel free to email me if you'd like to talk or get more info. Hayeswj@bellsouth.net
#1 was born on her EDD #2 was 12 days past EDD #3 and #4 were 8 days past EDD #5 was 7 days past EDD #6 was 13 days past EDD
Wow. I HAVE a house with 5 bedrooms, and no one has their own room except the baby! Three boys share a room, ages 7, 4, and 3, and two girls share a room, 9 and 10. The baby is in the nursery. I share a room with my husband, and the other room is an office.
I had 3 hospital births. I then had baby #4 at home, with a skilled midwife. I had a shoulder dystocia with him. My MW was able to help me deliver him safely. I have since had 2 more births, both in a hospital for medically necessary reasons, and neither of those wer SD babies. My last baby was more than a pound heavier than my SD baby and I had no problems with his delivery.
Our dentist, and now our orthodontist, both say that a pacifier or thumb is not a problem until the child is losing baby teeth.
From a mom who went 13 days late this time around, I feel the pain you are all experiencing. Go get a pedicure, eat some cake, knit a hat, watch Law and Order, and REST!!
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