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I actually prefer Ashley over Gelburd And, for a correction, his MW does not deliver - the only MW left in C'ville that does hospital births is Donna Vinal with Dr. Wolanski.
I'm moving to chesterfield next week! We found a HUD home for a very reasonable price! I plan to homeschool, but wanted somewhere where there would be more things to do with the kids. (I'm living in a smaller town outside of Charlottesville). I'll let you know how it goes!
recently I've been using my Kanga XT - I put the strap under my belly and wear DS on my back http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y14...DSC_0265-1.jpg
Quote: Originally Posted by jocelyndale I've often wondered if she has many clients drop after 12 weeks due to early miscarriages. I contemplated checking to see if I could possibly switch, but I was pretty happy with Dr. Wolanski and stuck with him. I asked if I could be put on a waiting list in case some of the other pregnancies didn't work out I was told that I wasn't able to, but I could keep checking back...... and see, the...
she's booked : I'm out of luck - I may just have to UC
How impossible is it to get in with Donna at MJH right now??? I'm 5 weeks pregnant, had a homebirth with my last, but financially I just can't swing it this time She's my best bet, but I know she's super hard to get in with....do I even have a chance???? SO, she's already booked. Who else can I use????
we go to see Dr Gelburd at Downtown Family Health. What is it exactly that you're looking for in a pediatrician? Things that are important to you? That might help us give you better recommendations.
I know a lot of moms at my work do this - just remember that you have to base how long you can store it from the earliest pumping session.
I had the mirena removed November of last year and got pregnant in December! No problem at all and the removal was cake! I hardly even felt it (going in on the other hand, whew!)
does anyone know how much the IVF with screening costs?? It sounds like something that will take years to save up for.
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