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I had thought about that - but know that is will be expensive - I don't know exactly how much though - and I doubt I could get insurance to cover it Also, with IVF, I'm afraid of multiples But, it is definitely an option.
We found out after my son with diagnosed with cystic fibrosis that my DH and I are both carriers I SO don't feel done having children (I have 2 now) but don't know what to do in the arena of TTC. Any children that I have have a 25% chance of having CF....is it worth that risk??? I just don't know! AHHHHH!!!!! I LONG for YEARN for more children, and I don't think DH would go for adoption, and truthfully, I don't know if it's for me, either...I also don't think either...
thank you for all of your suggestions! I will have to implement them! I've got a night out in a few weeks, so maybe I'll leave DS with my mom to see how he does with her for a few hours before being gone for 12 hours at a time. The search is on! Hmmm, I wonder if the nipples that they use in the hospital would fit onto my breast pump bottles....(I can get some of those very easily!)
it has been DH trying to feed hinm - he just gets SUPER mad and won't calm down and winds up choking and gagging. I'll have to try some other bottles/nipple combos -I wish there were some standard bottle and you could just try different nipples!
My DS is 10 weeks old now, and I cannot get him to take a bottle. I have to go back to work next month and I'm starting to stress that he will only take milk from me (though, also secretly loving it ) We've tried the breastflow, avent, and platex nursers. I can't keep spending money on every bottle out there! My DD never had a problem, so this is new territory to me! AHHH!
We just found that my son had cystic fibrosis - detected by the PKU test. I'm SO glad that we did it and can now start treating him before any big lung damage is done. If we hadn't had the PKU test, it could have been years before he got diagnosed. It's not something that'd I'd pass on, personally.
thanks everyone! I think I'll run by the store and pick some up!!!
I was wondering if I could give my 1 month old DS probiotics to help keep his immune and digestive system healthy (he has CF) If so, how much and how? TIA!!!
thank you everyone for your thoughts and well wishes! We're doing well - NOlan definitely doesn't like taking the enzymes - but it's something he has to do - but he's not spitting up as much and doesn't seem to be as gassy/in pain, so I guess they're helping out. Our next appt is this coming Tuesday - I don't know if we'll get the genetic results then with the exact mutations, but hopefully the results will be in. We're also going to do an x-ray for a baseline on...
Quote: Originally Posted by skydancer When the newborn screen came back for my daughter, it was postive for cf. They told me this at the same time she was being hospitalized for RSV...talk about your world crumbling in an instant!! Anyway, it was their procedure to follow up with a sweat test to confirm the dx. They ended up doing two and the both were borderline. Finally, they went the genetic testing route where they drew blood from dh and me and...
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