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updated in post #44 Wow, I never in a million years would have thought that my precious little boy would have this disease. We found it through the routine newborn screening, which I have to be thankful for, because we're catching it so early. So, after a nice, natural birth experience, we're now being thrown into the medical community to treat this disease : Hold your healthy little ones a little tighter tonight and give them a few extra hugs and kisses for me.
My son was just diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. I'm wondering how you balance the medical advice for treatments with your own beliefs/thoughts on more natural things. For example - the doctor today wanted me to feed my 3 week old APPLESAUCE to aid in giving him the enzymes that he needs to take. There's got to be another way! It just doesn't seem right. They also questioned me on my not giving him vaccines, told me that we'd be using a lot of antibioitics,...
We just found out today that our 3 week old DS has cystic fibrosis. We're still in a state of shock right now, but I'm trying to come to terms with the diagnosis and learn all that I can. Right now I'm torn, thrown in the midst of the medical community when I really wanted to avoid it all this time around. ((((SIGH))))
wow, can I join in??? My son was just diagnosed today @ 3 weeks old. Like you, I am completely in shock. I am starting my journey on researching, and also like you, I want to remain as natural as possible (if that's even possible). I'm quite overwhelmed and would love to be able to join you on this journey together.
Beautiful!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by anatoliy24 I had the same experience with my first pregnancy -- painful ones intermittent with easier ones to breathe through. That lasted for a couple hours before I was consistently getting painful ones without the oh-so-missed easy ones. Although you should probably be counting them all, I wouldn't get too excited until it gets more consistent I agree with this one - I spent many hours wasted counting ctx -...
We welcomed Nolan Daniel into our home Monday night, September 10th at 7:10 pm! He weighed 8 lb 8 oz and came after a short 2 hour labor! I am just in awe, and the homebirth was the most intense, amazing thing that I think I'll ever do! I'm still gathering my thoughts to write up a birth story, but we're all adjusting well and enjoying our babymoon! Here's a few pics just to tease,...
I'm in! Due the 7th - had some kind of labor the other morning, dilated to 4 cm, and then it quit :-( So, I'm just waiting for things to restart!
I"m here : Was due the 7th - I dilated from 1 to 4 cm yesterday early morning, and then labor quit SIGH... I guess I'm just hanging out now, waiting for it to restart
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