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Quote: Originally Posted by debra_lea I went with Graco Infant Snugride, and Britax Marathon for the next one. Also for safety ratings. same here! I did the research when we had DD
congratulations!!! After your babymoon, maybe we can finally meet up :-)
they have the big fishy pool at my local toys r us, and some have found it at Kroger - have you tried those places?
awesome! Mine's downloading as I type! I can't wait to see it and share with DD!
Quote: Originally Posted by alegna That's the normal price around here.... was it marked down? -Angela yeah, same here too - but someone had posted that they found that pool at Kroger for $15
usually they'll give Magnesium Sulfate until 24 hours after the steroids are in, so that's 2 days (since the steroids are given 24 hours apart).
oh yes!!! Definitely not painLESS. I was getting them every 5-10 minutes yesterday and was THIS close to calling my MW, but I chickened out, since they weren't getting stronger. They are SO annoying, I have to stop what I'm doing, so, yeah, I'm SOOO There with you on this one!
I think the midwife team that I chose are pretty conservative (one just recently left working at a hospital to be a HB MW). I just went ahead and did the stupid urine test (which is hopefully GBS free!) I totally trust their judgement though when it comes down to the actual labor, so I guess that's what's really important.
it's been a while since I posted mine!!! 31w4d! http://s4.photobucket.com/albums/y14...t=DSCF2167.jpg compared to 28w2d http://s4.photobucket.com/albums/y14...t=DSCF2033.jpg I think I'm really filling out now!!! This baby is a lot bigger than my first (DD was IUGR - so I think I'm going to be feeling MIGHTY HUGE! here soon!)
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