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that's actually what I did (except mine would only be $200 for the prenatals, birth, labs, etc....) but the midwives are charging me the same amount - they wouldn't prorate it at all :-( BUT, I did get my U/S and most of the labs out of the way before I transferred care at 25 weeks. To me, it's totally worth the money, and luckily DH is backing me up on it. I've got enough saved up for the HB and hopefully enough for me to stay home at least 16 weeks after the...
(((HUGS))) don't lose faith. Not that this will make you feel any better - but I'm an L&D RN and I lost a baby to a bad SD last month - IN the hospital with pediatric team present at delivery SO, I don't think it should make you fearful of homebirth - I actually belive HB is safer for SD (no epidurals, you can change positions, etc.....) for you, your midwife and the family.
...what have your MW said that you MUST have done? I've refused most of my tests, they let me do a 2 hr postprandial (that I just checked myself) but are insistant on a urine culture. (I transferred care at 25 weeks, and it appears I didn't have one done in the regular OB office at the beginning of my pregnancy) just wondering if this is standard/normal. What are your thoughts?
Quote: Originally Posted by leanbh i am 31 weeks and have gained 27 pounds. : ME TOO!!!!! THe same!!! (add onto that the 10 lbs that I never lost from DD )
Quote: Originally Posted by MollyandCleo Molly has just gone through this explosion in her language development, and it is wild. The scary thing is just how much she did pick up on before she was able to articulate her own thoughts. I'm not sure what I'm going to cover. The class is actually with the hospital has has the most mainstream clients, so I'm trying to figure out how to keep it useful and non-threatening. I've also only got an hour, so...
Quote: Originally Posted by AnoriensMom AnoriensMom and Ford Emerson Born may 21st at 8:41am 6 lbs 1 oz, 20 inches EDD was June 1st I was having serious talks with him about having good timing because DH is going to have some great interviews in Vegas around my due date. He was listening and came a little early!! We are both doing great, and wow it really is easier the second time!! I'm so glad your labor was easy! (I...
here's my 23w4d shot http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y14...2/DSCF1959.jpg compared to 19w2d http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y14...2/DSCF1763.jpg
I dunno if you want me to post mine, LOL! I've been collecting since before we were TTC. I've got 2 dz xs magicalls 4 colored xs fb 1 xs HH 1 nb/sm loveybums fitted and 1 fleece cover 18 - 20 NB mutts 1 dz nb swaddlebees 10 nb covers (bummis and proraps) 1 NB longies 1 NB soaker LOTS of preemie and infant PF's I need more NB wool THEN, I have my smalls
umm, I just posted this on another board! LOL! I just got home from my appt today - 17 lbs so far (and that's starting 10 lbs heavier than with DD) The only thing is, it didn't just drop off of me like others, even with breastfeeding. I, too, am trying to remind myself that a healthy baby is the most important outcome, but, blech!
I can't imagine the heartbreak I'll be praying for you and your family.
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