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I love Hyland's.  I have been using their products for years!  So wonderful.
And Shared.
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I would like to see an article on how important play and imagination is to learning.   
Do you do workbooks, lapbooks, pc curriculum, online curriculum, or just what you have put together? How do you want it broken down? Can you do a lesson plan weekly then put what you need into folders so that way all you have to do is pull out a folder with that days work in it? What do you mean by integrating math and history? We have been unschooling for the past few years, but before that we kept a pretty tight schedule. At the beginning of the year I would...
There is also Connections Academy. They provide all the materials you need including a loaner computer and will reimburse money for internet. I hear they have field trips and such as well. This is for those homeschooling who do not sign up with a Charter or Umbrella school only. In Colorado you must send in your Notice of Intent 14 days before plan on starting. You send in your NOI when your child is 6 but do not have to begin teaching until age 7. You must test...
Thanks. I thought we were working things out. But oh well. One a wonderful note I just picked up 3 very large Border Leicester fleeces. It is so springy and soft. I have white, grey and a reddish brown. I will be a busy person!!!
That is something I really need to do...I want more yarn and I want it now!!! Spinning wheel is on my wish list but it looks like I will not get one anytime soon since my dh (and d does not mean dear or darling) has decided he's leaving me and the kids.
For those who use a spindle and a wheel, is there anything that you can do on a wheel that you can't on a spindle?
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