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I would check with the maker of the wool to see if it has already been tested in a machine. Chances are, they have.
The only "home" test I know of is to pull off a fiber and burn it. If it smells like burnt hair, it's wool. If it melts & smells like burnt plastic, it's acrylic. You may need to "season" your new cover by using it a few times during the day and lanolizing it every few days. Sometimes thinner wools need that.
I would lanolize 2 covers at a time to make sure they each get enough lanolin. For that, I would use about as much solid lanolin as you would use toothpaste on your toothbrush. You will still need to lanolize your felted cover too.
I agree with the pp, if you are sensitive to wool a wool/alpaca blend is a great option.
How about Little Beetles?
Wool will work as long as you use a good absorbent layer. You may try using a soaker over the top of a BG for extra insurance. Or....you could get a waterproof mattress pad and have an extra set of sheets & jammies ready for a mid-night change. A few overnight "accidents" will probably help teach her to wake up and go to the bathroom better than a better diaper. I know it is hard on you in the short term, but long term, bed wetting accidents really do help them to...
When my daughter was 2 yrs., 4 months she was getting really rashy too. I tried a few things - but what worked was the potty. At 2 they are old enough to understand and begin using the potty, and this could be just the catalyst that you/she needs. I explained to my daughter that she was really too old for the diapers now and that is why she was getting the rashes. I showed her how she could use the adult potty and within hours she was using it. I think 2 is the...
I have to agree with the pp. Stains are something you will learn to accept. They do tend to fade with use so don't stress too much. It is hard at first though, you have paid a lot of $$ for them, when they're new they are so soft & clean, but they are still diapers. It sounds like you have a good wash routine. Like the pp, you can lay them in the sun on a bright day, that will help.
I have worked in overseas product development for +15 years. I currently work in Ecuador but have also worked in China, Hungry, Poland and Ireland. I don't know of any books, but you may try contacting your local SBA or library. Also, a call to SCORE may be of some help.
I have always liked pockets & wool at night. I've had really good luck stuffing the pockets w/ prefolds up to about 18 months w/ my daughter & 14 months w/ my son. After that we needed a wool cover too. I did try a lot of fitteds but I really didn't like how wet their skin got. I tried adding a fleece liner but nothing I tried kept their skin dry like the fleece used in the fuzzi bunz pockets we used. In their last months of diapering I had to use a lanolized wool...
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