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I am so glad to hear its been 25 days w no blood!! Yay!
I'm 22 wks on wednesday and finally really feeling pregnant. I can feel movement several times a day now, and that really helps. Also I gained 7 lbs in the last month! So its pretty unavoidable now. Hang in there ladies. :-)
I had my placenta encapsulated after my last birth. It definitely helped w milk production, energy levels, and keeping PPD at bay. Unfortunately I had an abnormally small placenta, so I didn't save any of the pills for use w menopause, and I did get depressed. There is no doubt in my mind it would've been worse if I hadn't been replenishing my hormones. This time I will definitely do the same thing.
find me too - Sadie Jane Ramsey (Hillman)  
I'm in!
I too haven't felt as connected to this pregnancy as I did with my others.. I was very worried about losing the baby for awhile there- I had a complication. Now I'm 19wks along and don't feel the baby as much as I would like, due to an anterior placenta! But I just had an ultrasound to be sure the hematoma is gone.. and the baby looks great. I brought my changing table in and set it up last night.. helps make it more real. :-)
I have a girl name all picked out.. after my deceased grandma. A boys name is harder to settle on this time around.. I was also considering Augustus, but I don't think my husband is sold on it just yet.
I've never really dealt with this.. but the other day my good friends - a married couple who is infertile - both oohed over my belly and wanted to touch it.  It felt super weird to me.  I didn't know how to react.  The few times in the past a stranger tried that, I was curt and put a stop to that.  I have even let a friend feel the baby move in past pregnancies when farther along.. but at this point if you're touching my belly its just my stomach.  I let them touch.. not...
Oh no!! Of course its okay to post here. I'm so sorry to hear its gotten worse for you. Sounds really scary. I'm glad to hear the baby is ok.. I will keep you in my thoughts. Feel free to update and even pm me if you'd like some company. Bedrest is super boring.
Here I am at 15 wks tomorrow - I made this dress today!!  the skirt part was from a pattern but I made the pattern for the top myself - it's nursing friendly!  :-)  
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