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I lurked off and on for a couple of years when I had access to reliable internet (remember dialup?) and then finally logged in when i was trying to track down the cause of my Critter's eczema and how to heal it without the major drugs.Then I looked into homebirths and vaxing and UC and diapering and TAO and being a mom of a many and because we were a military family, how to research the next place we'd be living.This community is like family its always been there for my...
I parallel parent. When my Critters come back to my home with stories about how the mistress pays them for doing chores ( like cleaning her yard) with pokemon cards, I cringe inside and then remind them that at my house we do chores because we live together and not so that we can get things. I do a lot of reminding about the rules at my house when they first come back. My STBXH will not cooperate in any way so there is no chance of really coparenting.What they do on his...
Hi! I am an unexpectedly single mama and will be moving to Monrovia this summer with my 5 little ones.I have a house, I am curious about playgroups for toddlers,and  grade school aged kids, crunchy Drs.,daycares and fun things. Thanks!
PinkBunch just sent me the news!Theodore Daniel arrived @ 12:45pm est via vbac! 9lb 5oz, 22.5in. Crazy birth story to follow. Congrats PinkBunch, you are awesome!!!
Mine slowed to a crawl once my MW got here and I was at 7cm yesterday.We all took naps,DH my youngest and I went for a walk and I probably had my baby an hour later.You're still on the labor train! Easy labor vibes you have been so patient this little one will be in your arms soon!
Quote: Originally Posted by boatbaby Sending you ELV! And hey -- you hula too? For real? I stopped around 7 months. I miss it. Thanks!I haven't been able to hula since the pregnancy started because I have hyperemesis and it has been with me the whole time.I've only been doing it for 2 years and even though I suck at pretty much every other form of dance I do pretty good hula.Helps during labor too. This is def it. The contractions are...
Woohoo!congrats! I'm pretty sure I'll be sharing this day too.
I just went to the bathroom and it looked like my period started.Maybe tonight is my night? Last night I had plug and of course prodromal labor.This pregnancy I've actually felt the cramps moving my baby into position. Hopefully this is it and not a reaction to my walk through Target today. Oh please oh please I want to hula and eat some fruit and real food soo bad.
He is beautiful!Congratulations!
It wasn't pretty getting at my toes.I sat on the stairs and kinda lunged at the ones that needed clipping the most.Others wont be clipped til Oct.The polish was sloppy and I had an angry baby but it rubs off when you take a shower.I haven't worn underwear since 32 weeks and I am down to three dresses and a skirt that I can pull over my head.No Olympic feats here.
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