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It is one reason.  Otherwise, the same fatalities would be seen in all babies after age 2 months whether they were vaccinated or not, and that's not the case.   There are more reported cases of pertussis in Canada than France.  This is hardly a ringing endorsement of a decision to not vaccinate a Canadian child.  Also, the airplanes and airports won't contain only French nationals.   Post #16, btw, is wrong.  Most infants do show increased antibody levels after...
The airports and airplanes would also be concerns for exposure to pertussis.  And pertussis is endemic in France, as it is worldwide.    The highest fatality risk is in infants less than 2 months because even one vaccine is helpful in ameliorating the progression of the disease.  Of course, waiting until at least 3 vaccines have been given would be the safest choice, but for many reasons, we all have to make less than ideal choices and do the best we can.
Personally, I wouldn't delay DTaP for any reason, and we're pretty darn selective/delayed.  So yes, I'd definitely wait until about 2 wks after at least the first DTaP, which I would get on schedule.
The cough concerns me more than the fever itself.  I would want someone to listen to his lungs at this point and make sure it's nothing serious since he seems to be pretty sick. 
I'm trying to figure out if this mattress is safe or at least less toxic than most conventional mattresses.  It's a wool wrapped futon, which the seller says is the only type of flame retardant used, but it says it has two layers of foam inside wrapped in cotton batting.  Is foam itself bad for some reason?   http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320843989332&ssPageName=ADME:X:RTQ:US:1123
It's hard to believe but this former boob addict is finally weaned!  For about two weeks now.  There have only been a few moments of real sadness from her, which was difficult but I held her and even cried with her once and she seems to be understanding that I will always still rock her, hold her and comfort her, just without nursing.  I have more patience for her now that she isn't nursing...it felt like it was draining the life from me.  My hormones are coming back...
Your mom said she's sorry this happened.  What more do you want from her?  It was a simple mistake...on YOUR part, for not having the money (very easy to look and see whether a check has been deposited before you used the money for something else, I don't bother to balance my checkbook but always know what's pending and look at my acct online before I do anything questionable).    If this is how you return favors, don't expect many!
What is he eating?  Maybe it's a growth spurt.  I would try to get filling food into him, i.e. fat and protein rather than carbs.  Can he have avocado, coconut milk/oil made into smoothies, pumpkin seed butter?  Turkey, chicken, even for breakfast in the form of sausage or bacon?  I know my kids will sit and eat bread, crackers, fruit and cereal for three hours straight if that's all I give them, but if I give them a plate full of fat/protein they can barely finish it...
Sorry if you don't have time to read back, Kathy. What I said is pretty obvious, in context.
We honeymooned there too and it is by far the best of the islands that I have been to. I used to daydream about living there but it's just a dream, I know the reality is much different. Hope to visit again someday (we stayed at Little Arches and it was amazing!)
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