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Lemon is what I use on chicken livers.  i don't eat beef liver so I'm not sure, but I usually soak them in straight lemon juice for at least a few hours.
I am also concerned with the encouragement or enabling of orthorexia within any and all communities that revolve around specific diets.  TF is no more at fault than say, macrobiotic veganism in this respect, but I feel it is a good thing to be aware of, having witnessed the effects on children in this type of family firsthand.  Good teeth are important- so is emotional and social health!  
Right here in this thread I am seeing some symptoms of of the mythology and extremism.  NO wheat, ever?  All unsoaked grains are horrible?  Explain all the healthy French people who eat baguettes, or Japanese who include ramen as a regular meal.  Going through two loaves of white bread a week is pretty awful for you, mostly because of the effect on your insulin.  Having one sandwich or bowl of pasta in the same timeframe is really not going to matter unless you have a...
Muir Glen is "transitioning" to cans that are bpa free.     http://www.muirglen.com/news/n-10.aspx
Monroe Dairy is probably your best bet.  The milk is not organic (however is antibiotic and hormone free) and not 100% grassfed, but the cattle are treated well and allowed to graze frequently, and their pasteurization is described as light or "gourmet".  It tastes good, it's in glass bottles and best of all is delivered.  However there are sources of raw grassfed milk in Rehoboth, Dartmouth and Foxboro, MA, among others.
There are in fact many countries that can be reached from the US without airport crap.     The use of the word gross to describe benefits that allow people to gain access to food and health care that they would otherwise suffer without is making it difficult to respond seriously.
My first couldn't bf because of a cleft palate. I ep'ed and bottle fed for 21 months. I really felt just as bonded to her as I do to dd2 who is ebf from the tap. In fact, I bonded to dd1 more quickly, even though her birth was much more medicalized and we were separated with her in the nicu. I think there's much, much more to bonding than breastfeeding. In fact...there are a few things I really miss about bottle feeding! . I am sorry that the opportunity to feed your...
I avoid abx for minor infections as well, but pneumonia can be life threatening and I would absolutely give the abx.
Well, we did the full 3 years of EI with dd1, and there are certainly some therapists who are less helpful than others, I agree, and I didn't hesitate to stop or change a service when it was clear that it wasn't working.  Everything with EI seems to be "where you are and who you get", a matter of luck, essentially.  There's always private OT, too, just the $$ is often prohibitive.    I really hope long term free range access to high calorie food finally helps. 
In your experience, is it common for the obsession to be so strong that they don't play AT ALL? That's what I'm hearing described here, and I wonder if Early Intervention wouldn't be a good idea.
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