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  What a great idea! I think that's something that we all should probably do for ourselves.  
  Is it challenges she's craving or is she just craving more captivating and fascinating intellectual experiences? You might also want to check out the Gifted Homeschoolers Forum for ideas. I know a couple of the people who've been associated with that group for quite awhile, and they have a lot of first hand experience.  - Lillian
  No idea, but I'll contact her and see.    Lillian EDIT - Oh, wait - sorry - I thought you were referring to Wendy, but she was merely the source of a link I saw to the article. The research article is actually owned by a bunch of other people - The Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning. 
The children described in this thread are really typical for their age. Play is exactly what a child that age learns and thrives the most from, and I think that's why it's such a strong natural drive. There's nothing to be gained by trying to get them to focus so young on learning specific things. If a child asks occasional questions about words or numbers, it only means that child has those few particular questions at the time - it doesn't necessarily mean he's ready or...
The Challenges and Benefits of Unschooling, According to 232 Families Who Have Chosen that Route   This was posted on FB by Wendy Preisnitz of Life Learning Magazine   -Lillian
  Truer words were never spoken - and count me in as one of those.      Lillian
 It hurts, I know. But the ability to make the perfect decisions and handle them with perfect grace and diplomacy is something most of us are not gifted with. It's possible this woman was actually feeling compassionate in her own way and trying to make the best decision for your son without putting him and his family in an awkward position. She may not have realized the way it was going to come across, and she may be agonizing over it right now. And she may simply not be...
Yes, but you never know what some of those people are thinking inside - I think sometimes they just don't want to admit their own doubts about their own opinions.   We were so lucky that no one ever bugged us about our homeschooling the whole time - it must be maddening to have to deal with invasiveness.  - Lillian
Maybe this can be of a help to someone struggling with skeptical family or friends:     Article: Why Doctors and Lawyers Homeschool Their Children     Lillian  
  Strangely enough, something occurred to me just that I don't ordinarily think about when I hear comments like those. I think it's time to flat out state that you have a lot higher standards for what you want for her - that you have a vision in mind that will facilitate a lot deeper love of learning and ability to learn whatever might come along that interests her in life, etc. You know what you want - it may be time to get more assertive in touting it - being on the...
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