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I know exactly where you're coming from. I do believe in the power of prayer, but not the "conventional way" of it. I think prayer helps us to connect to God and ourselves, so we can find "the answer" I believe God has the answer for everything and we need to seek the answer we need and prayer is one of the ways to find it. But, I also have a negative feelings towards certain kind of prayer (like you said, the selfish kind). I have heard people praying and say, "I ask...
I plan to homeschool my dd. She's 4 and we live in MA. I know nothing about homeschooling regulations. How do I register to homeschool? (yeah, I know I don't have to do anything until she turn 6, but since I got asked a lot about why she doesn't go to school...)
It's hard to tell. You could be anywhere between 22 to 40.
I love this thread! I just read the whole thread, and it's so interesting! Bigeyes, sorry for asking a question when you're taking a break. I'm such a fool! Please let us know when you're caught up. I have a silly question to ask.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mountaingirl79 I would say 23-26. You have beautiful hair! Forget anyone who doesn't think you look mature enough for their conversation. Thank you! (I was thinking about getting a haircut, maybe not!)
Quote: Originally Posted by Carlyle I'm TERRIBLE at guessing ages, but just looking at your picture I'd guess early 20's. But I'd want to talk to you no matter what age you are just 'cause you have such a friendly smile! And I wouldn't do makeup/whatever to look older...then you'll just end up hanging out with people you don't feel like you can act yourself around (at least that's how I feel about wearing makeup!) Yeah, you are so right. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Amylcd Don't hate me.. my first thought was 35. I love you, seriously! :
Quote: Originally Posted by shaywyn At first glance, 15 to 17. When I looked more closely, 21 to 24 You are pretty! Don't change a thing. Thank you!
I'm 27. My friend said I look like a 21 year old, but act like I'm 65. I think she's right about that. I guess a lot of people just assume if I don't know how to put some make up on, I must not know anything about "the real world"... That's okay!
Quote: Originally Posted by lafemmedesfemmes um, guys? asking questions to "put it in line" is still asking questions, when bigeyes specifically asked for no questions for the next couple of days. ignoring a simple request like that isn't very polite or fair. just my two cents. christina Sorry, I did. I didn't expect an answer. I was just reading the thread while thinking about the answer to the question I asked. I personally...
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