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I buy nitrate/nitrate free, antibiotic-free, pesticide-free, organic "cold cuts" and hot dogs. Are these still considered to be processed and therefore cancer- causing, or are they o.k. to eat because they don't have the "bad stuff" in them?
I simply hide some toys in the attic. Usually they don't notice, but if they do, then I make them trade the toy for another one that will be put away. This makes them really have to think it over. Then, invariably, I simply donate or consign some things. I made over 200.00 at a consignment sale this weekend, mostly selling toys. I understand your pain, though, especially when you want them to have the nice wooden things. I am the same way, but I make sure that I keep...
If you suspect worms, just take a look at his fecal matter; my 7 year old had worms this past summer, and they were white squirmy things wriggling around in her poo. YUCK!!!! But the doctor assured me that it sometimes happens, and just gave us two pills, one you take immediately, and the other about ten days later.
As a PPD sufferer myself, I can only tell you that it gets so much easier- anything is easier than dealing with a baby when you have PPD, and don't listen to anyone who tells you otherwise!!!! My girls are now 10.5 and 7.5 and while we go through stages and periods of frustration, nothing can ever come near to the awful feeling of dealing with a baby when you have PPD.
All mothers of new babies feel overwhelmed, but what concerns me is that you are having panic attacks, and you feel like you are going to die. That is not a normal reaction; but more likely a symptom of anxiety-related PPD. You need to call your doctor right away,; don't let this fester, because it might just keep getting worse. Good luck and please post.
Mihelinka- Maybe I'll see you there! We are going early- right at 11:00 because we have about 4 other engagements for the day. I'll be there (medium length dark brown hair, husband with glasses and curly hair and two girls 7 and 4). Maybe we can chat. Are you local to the area. You can e-mail me if you want!
Thank you all for your help! I've decided that I'll probably just keep her in her regular nursery school, which is very warm and not at all academic. I'm also starting to get some playdates for Lilly, and we'll see how it goes. To Momtokay- Your daughters "marshmallow roasting" sounds exactly like something Lilly would come up with! And I agree that play-based programs are the best to learn in; in the end they all catch up , so better to be happy rather than stressed!
To TIREDX2 : Actually she gravitates to younger children; the older children want nothing to do with her because she seems strange to them, I guess. Thank you for the advice, though. To Momtokay: I am interested in your experience with Waldorf. I was really looking into this- the only NJ Waldorf is not too far from me; and I really like the philosophy of Waldorf- plus I figured that my daughter would probably flourish there. But I've read some odd things about it,...
My four year old daughter is an absolute love but I am concerned about one thing; her "fairy-like" behavior and lack of friends. I have been told by her pre-school teachers that she is highly creative and that the other children aren't "there" yet (which is wonderful and I do not want to squelch this). But lately she has been feeling lonely, and wants to have friends like her older sister; but when I see her on the school playground, or in the playgroup that we belong to;...
Yes, that does help , Deborah. A reminder not to get too caught up in some opinions. However, I do wonder what you mean by your comment about the Princeton Waldorf being respected in Waldorf circles. Does that mean that it is a wonderful place for children without some of the problems that other schools have had, or does it mean that the school is respected for a strict adherence to all of Steiner's teachings?
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