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Oh to start out with BIG HUGS !!! It is hard to be overwhelmed and worried and thinking that you have to add even more to the whole food issues problem.  It does sound like gluten is maybe a problem.  Instead of worrying about a new lifestyle  don't think about it as permanent. Just give up gluten for a month and see how you feel.Heck give it up for a few days and see how you guys feel. Also taking more vitamin c can help with the low energy. 
Was it mesquite powder? It is molassesy and gritty.
Magnesium oil is trans dermal. There is a trans dermal zinc as well. I LOVE them. My son will not swallow any pills so these are a life saver. Epson salt in the bath works too. I first heard of then on the special parenting board. Maybe ask around there for info.
I bought a bunch of the 2 cup glass containers made by anchor.They are the perfect size for one serving of something.After dinner I pack at least one of these with leftovers.Sometimes I have 2 or 3 packed and I put them in the freezer.After a while there is a little variety of things in the freezer so my hubby doesn't have to eat the same thing the next day.Sometimes I am super nice and make things that only he likes for frozen lunches. He gets excited about the big pot of...
We have skype and no problems.We love it .Had it about a year and a half.You can buy a special phone that goes through the router so you can use it with out the computer turned on.
We have skype for home phone use.About 60 dollars a year for unlimited incoming and out going calls plus voice mail.Bought a pricier phone for it that goes through the router so the computer doesn't have to be on to use the phone.I have prepaid virgin mobile right now for emergencies.I put 20 dollars on that every 3 months.My hubby started traveling for work and I needed to get him a phone for emergencies so I got him a prepaid tracfone because it was the best deal right...
I think if you want to garden but are low on money NOW is the time to start...just not for this year.Craigslist always has free rock or bricks or other things to use for raised bed gardens.Get creative.Then start adding cardboard and leaves and kitchen veggie waste.It will break down into good soil just not for this season.Check out permaculture books.Research.
I'm in Austin and ours went up 3 percent.
I grew trail of tears,christmas limas,mother stollard and true cranberry last year.They were all yummy and easy.
our costco only carries it this time of year for st pattys day. I stock up every year.It freezes well.
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