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My husband says there are different levels.One is a short are you a spy sort of one and one is to see it there is anything someone could try to blackmail you over.
Don't do it! We did and it just does not properly support a newborn.It is a great carseat for a 4 month old though!
We are doing that on 400.People do it on a lot less.It depends on your areas cost of living and your family size.
oh and it costs MORE than flying.That is so crazy!
An Elvis impersonator singing fools rush in while he walked me down the aisle.Gotta love Vegas baby!
The only dessert my mom made for me as a child was toast with lots of butter and brown sugar crusted on top.Not sprinkled, crusted so you can't really see the bread.The woman didn't like to bake!
Oh Velochic I would love to hear your cheap middle eastern recipes and tips. Also I would love someone to post or pm me their naan recipes.I read a bunch on recipezaar and have no idea which one would be good. My husband LOVES naan and am sure I could go broke buying it at the store.This thread inspired me to make a chicken masala friday night and tonight I made a chicken curry.Yummy.I was really intimidated by the indian grocery store before but I kinda knew what I was...
Our costco doesn't have it with the regular sodas but with the office food stuff.Like where they have huge boxes of sugar packets and coffee packs. This stuff is so yummy!
I would never begrudge someone their tv. Yep it can be a great self medication. But I would have no problem telling someone to give up raw milk for a couple months if that would save them from losing their house.Especially when you have children you have got to have priorities. I think this momma is doing great.She is facing the problem and that alone proves she is strong enough to make this work. There are always alternatives.
I have been getting the 6 pound can of tomato sauce at costco for less than 4 dollars.I take some out and make pizza sauce for bagel or french bread pizza and then I make the rest into spaghetti sauce.I just simmer it for a few hours with some spices, onion,splash wine and a bell pepper .It tastes great and is so cheap.If you can add lb of hamburger to it you are adding a lot of nutrition and it still doesn't cost much.Think about how many meals you can get for less than...
New Posts  All Forums: