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Around here we had to have the full 20% downpayment.Other than that the process seemed to be the same. Check different banks.One wanted us to have a yearlease agreement before they would give us the loan.Uh no! We have perfect credit and no debt.WE just switched banks.We ended up moving to the new house so we could up date the 50's charmer and renting out our house.
My grandmother makes ground up soup. It is bohemian and has a differant name but we just call it ground up soup. IT is impossible to make it in small batches. My dad visits and makes it for us once a year. It freezes beautifully. My 2 year old calls it grandpa soup. It is hamburger and veggies put through a grinder.We just use the shredder attachment to the food processor. I like the texture better when it is ground instead of shredded but you use what you have! The...
We made the raspberry drink in NT and it was very tasty. My husband LOVES it.It taste like a nonalcoholic framboise.After a few days in the fridge it was a little bubbly. My son really liked it after it got a little fizzy. I liked adding some of it to my iced tea.(If I am giving up cola I can not give up my tea!!) My son also likes iced peach herbal tea. It is a nice treat.
I just bought some raw for the first time.It says not under 1 on the bottle. I would think that if the child is over 1 and has a healthy immune system it would be ok. I really think that the good immune system is the important thing.
I use kidney beans to make refried beans.They seem to have a lot more flavor than the pintos.
Hello.I found this site yesterday and learned about nourishing traditions from all you smart mamas! I bought the book last night and stayed up really late reading it. HELP! Are you all able to find raw milk? I do not think I will be able to get it on a regular basis.Anyone making it all work without raw milk.Also if you have any tips to share I would love to hear them. Thanks and a big hello!
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