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If you paid off your debt then can't that money now go toward saving for a house? Would the amount you are paying for rent be about what you pay on a mortgage anyway? There are first time buyer programs to help you buy. I would spend the time with the babes. They grow up so fast. IF working 1 semester would be enough to get you into a house then maybe it is worth it but I would see if you can get into a house now.
I have had the cheese from white egret and it is so tasty. They sell it at the farmers market.
I think the drinks are the yummiest.Like the hibiscus soda from full moon feasts.That stuff is super yummy! I just use the whey as I don't have kefir grains right now.
We moved at the end of October. So we have lived here for 4 months. IT was a very hard move for all of us.He had a lot of anger issues after the move and we have gotten past that.I thought he was happy again.Maybe now that he has moved past the anger he is able to express his want to go back. I guess I should take him back for a visit and see what it is he is missing. He won't or can't tell me what it is there that he needs. It has only been in the last few weeks that I...
When I first started LOA I always wondered how money would come to us. I wasn't self employed.People didn't just send me checks.I heard of people getting all this unexpected income and just could not see how that would be us. But in the last few months thousands of dollars unrelated to normal job stuff has come our way. So even though our house has not sold (3 months now) and we have 2 mortgages and 2 sets of utilities and My husband makes less than before the move the...
OK that is really scary.I would like to make you feel better but I just can't think of a good reason there is an unknown cell phone ringing under your house! Can you get your husband to look under there tomorrow???
Thank you that was really interesting.
I will say it...I refreeze meat that has thawed without cooking it! We are all still alive! In fact when I order grassfed meat and have it shipped thay even send a little note saying you can refreeze if it defrosted.
We have sunrocket and we love it. It was cheaper than vonage and didn't require a contract.
I heat up most of my leftovers in the oven or on the stove in a double boiler. With rice give it a little sprinkle of water. You don't want it to be wet just moistened a bit.That helps to steam it back to life.
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