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Check out prosper.com Depending on your credit you might be able to get a loan to pay off the 2 credit cards at a much lower interest rate and it will be paid off in 3 years. Bad credit rating could put you at 22% rate but good credit ratings could have you at like 9%.Either way I am sure that is way lower than what the credit card companies want.
I am decluttering right now because our new house is much smaller than the old house.Should I be selling the stuff to make some money or should I just be releasing to the world through charity? I am having a hard time figuring out what is best.Usually I donate stuff but I keep thinking of ways to spend the money I could make. Is there a wrong choice?
Oh she is so beautiful! Congrats!!!!
Retired military can be called back if they got early retirement (less than 20 years).My husband did 11 years and just got out.They can't call him back either because he did his 8 years of enlistment. Just an fyi.
heating the pan before putting the food in helps the food not to stick.
the longer it sat in the fridge the better it tasted to me.The first time I didn't really like it.But my body seemed to need it and I am now really craving it.
I once found a feather and some sort of cat like poop in a bag of dried hibiscus.YUCKY!
Hugs! What is wrong?
Oh I am not going to buy new clothes right now.I did really like the clothes though. My washing machine still works but it is very old and I am sure uses a lot of resources and is making some very loud very angry noices.I think it is longing for retirement. It just seems like the eco friendly thing to do until I can get a good washer. Maybe I just need to start working on manifesting a great washer!
oh I know it can be hard but there are a few luxuries I will have to do it.One is the metal plunger for laundry.It moves the water and soap through the clothes.It is supposed to work really well and get the clothes really clean.The other luxury will have to be a wringer of some sort.This is where it gets a little pricey.There is the traditional hand crank wringer or this cool little machine from europe I think it was that spins out the clothes.It doesn't use much...
New Posts  All Forums: