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Yeah, that would piss me off too. I don't think I'd be doing anything for him on his special days.
I'm sorry!
I'd wait until the summer, and do something that can combine indoor and outdoor activities. When my sister turned 40, we did games for different age groups with prizes. All the kids got prizes one way or another. The adults actually played pin the tail on the donkey. We had so much fun being kids again! Maybe you could do pin the tail on Fozzy bear? You could have a room and play your favorite Muppet episodes. Have a Muppet cake too!
 for all. NAzum-link to your thread? If I have any ideas I'll let you know.   Today was the first day since my surgery on my shoulder that dh went back to work. We have a reclining couch, which is the only place I can get comfy, but it's really tough to get off of alone, with only one arm. So my first attempt, I put off until I really needed to pee. Then I fell a bit on my way off, hit my shoulder as I fell back, and, well, peed myself a bit!  TThankfully iI wasn't bad...
We just celebrated our 15th, and it's never been an issue. Mostly because it is a day after New years, and 2 days before dh's b'day, so it doesn't really stand on its own. Also, my mom talks about how all 3 of her daughters got married within 15 months and mine was the last, so she celebrates that day too! LOL!
 Mickey Mouse fingertip towels?  Oh my, that certainly isn't something I'd let him live down either!
Nice binoculars for each of us. Weird, I know, but dh and I love going birding together. Some of our favorite memories have been made while birding!
Thank you! Had my first pt appointment on Thursday. It was just the evaluation, but wow! It was rough. She also thought they may have given me the wrong discharge info when they told me I didn't have to wear my sling after the nerve block wore off. Oops! So she got me comfortable in the giant padded sling before I left. I have you o admit, it does feel better with it on!
TB!!!!! So nice to see you here, my friend! I miss the sisterhood!
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