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thanks everyone. i'm feeling pretty good today. had a really rough time with getting the pain under control the first day or so. i do have more use of my arm than last time, and we've figured out a few tricks to helping me get set up on the couch   . i've been reading when i can. the meds are making that a little tricky, since i keep having to go back and read the same page.  lol   i've been enjoying some of my favorite movies on netflix and amazon too.  i haven't...
 Thank you!I will have to do that.  I know I get feeling so restless and miserable stuck inside.   I got a call earlier today that the workman's comp insurance ordered me one of those automatic cold therapy things for after my shoulder.  I never would have thought of even asking for one, but if they want to give it to me, I'll take it.  Hopefully that'll help cut down on the pain meds I have to take, so I won't feel like a complete zombie! Thank you all for the good wishes!  
Interesting!  I love learning about language and the way it develops!
Is while and among incorrect?
 crazytownmama- I broke the ball of the humorous during a seizure when the shoulder joint popped out and then popped back in.  My last surgery was to remove the malformation that had formed on the ball there.  I'll definitely look into the heating pads.  That's a great idea.  Thank you! Great ideas!  I  can't believe I haven't made a library run yet.  Or maybe I'll make a kindle "run".  That will probably be easier to hold instead of a book after the surgery.  Last surgery...
Thank you, Nazsmum!
I have shoulder surgery on Thursday. This is the second surgery I've had on my shoulder in 2 years. Everyone keeps saying, "Well, you've been through this before.  You  know what to expect, so it'll be better this time."  Umm, yeah.  Last time sucked big time.  I never really recovered 100% and I felt like I spent two months on the couch drugged before I was capable of doing much of anything, including driving.  I was stuck in the house until my dh got home from work, it...
Not selfish at all! It's so easy to lose ourselves, especially as mothers. Reconnecting with yourself is vital.
Awwww!  These both brought tears to my eyes!  How wonderful!
My grandparents took me to Costa Rica when I was in college over the holiday break.  I even got to have a room all to myself at all the places we went.  It was spectacular!
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