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 We've always eaten "healthy" too, but it turns out my kids can't do gluten and one of them can't do gluten or dairy.  Because the problems it caused with their absorption of nutrients, their B vitamins were very very low!  
We have no money, so it makes it easy!  LOL!  Honestly though, my kids have never gotten a whole lot for the holidays, because we can't really afford a lot.  So they tend to be really thankful for everything they get.  They also don't tend to ask for really expensive things.  I do try to make gifts too.  I do a lot of crocheting and baking for gifts too.  
 That's great! 
  I've only known one other person who takes it, and she takes it at a much lower dose.  I had no idea that other people had the same side effects.  I go through the coffee thing too!  Very strange, but good to know!
Ahh, gotta love the 13 yr old attitude! 
 Sounds like an evaluation is in order, not only privately, but through the school.  As for medication, no one can make you put your child on meds, not the school, not the doctor, not family, etc!  My youngest most likely has ADHD.  After the school evaluated him, we learned a lot of things that could be done in school.  Some of the things that have been put in place for him include: a standing desk, fidget toys,silencing headphones (so he's not too distracted), frequent...
Heehee!  I read this and thought of this thread and had no choice but to resurrect it! 
 That's wonderful!
Standing in the produce aisle looking at the local or organic signs trying to figure out which one would be better for the environment and health and feeling like you're going to cry because you can't decide...then having your dh laugh at you because you've been standing in front of the apples for about 10 minutes with a panicked look on your face!
OH yes, this is a regular occurence here.  If I remember to bring my bags once out of 3 times shopping, it's a miracle! 
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