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I would watch your dh's reaction to the guarana seed.  It can be a pretty strong stimulant, high in caffeine.  The fact that it looks like it's in both supplements could be a bit much.  
That's awesome!
I agree with Peony. I don't think that the teachers can just ignore the actions, since they affect the other students.  Can you imagine a kid going home to their parents and saying that another kid hit them, then the teacher tells that parent, "Well, we're ignoring the behavior to try to stop it." LOL!  So it sounds like keeping him at home to settle things down would be a good idea for everyone involved.  
LOL!  That's awesome!  We have a picture of my now oldest, at 5, helping his dad make beer. Then there is one of him helping him bottle the beer.  We decided that those weren't the best pictures to bring in for show and tell!  
FIN #19-TX If you have something for this family, please contact grisandole.   What is your family situation? Single mom to a wonderful 7yo dd with mild Aspergers & anxiety issues. I am self-employed & we homeschool. We lost my mom in April, and with her went my job as caregiver that paid most of the bills. We are beginning to get back on our feet after a summer full of house repairs that ate up all my savings and income. I deal with chronic medical issues that prevent...
FIN #18-NC If you have something for this family, please contact Poddi.   What is your family situation? My husband was laid off from his job of 9 years last Dec after it shut down. We were given a 2 week notice that was happening and we lived on unemployment until I found a small part time job in May and my husband found a job in July of this year. He was then laid off again from the new job when the govt shut down and recently found a new job the end of October. We...
I remember her now! I remember it was done off site and there were all sorts of raffles and stuff!
Phew! That does sound much different! LOL!
FIN #17-MO   If you have something for this family, please contact tightwaderin.     What is your family situation? I recently came out to my husband and our marriage is ending. I've recently gone back to school and am a full time student. I'm trying to complete my degree as quickly as possible so that I can generate an income and keep primary custody of my two young children. My life is kind of falling apart but I want to provide a great holiday to the kids. Which...
Does anyone remember when and who started Holiday Helper? I was trying to remember. I've helped with it for the last 4 years, and was a HH for a couple years before that, but I know it was going on before that. It used to be so much bigger!
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