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I haven't had a UC yet! But I don't expect it to be life changing... in fact I want it to feel integrated into our life... like just another day, working together and being a family. My second birth (birth center, natural) was super-empowering because it contrasted so sharply to my first. I felt so amazing because I did it without any medical intervention. I woke up, went into labor by nursing my DD1 and went to the BC to have my baby. 4 hours later she was here and 3...
Well, ICAN states that cesarean for transverse breech should be held off until mom is 10 cm and baby hasn't turned. This would lead me to believe that babies can and will turn during labor. I mean transverse is halfway to vertex, right? Are you seeing a chiro? I would definitely sign up for frequent adjustments over the next month or so to see if something is out of alignment and causing the transverse position.
Quote: Originally Posted by texmati my husband does this as well! apperantly it's genetic-- my ds smiles when he burps, and DH says that FIL did the same. It's a guy thing. I will respectfully disagree. My daughters laugh histerically at passing gas, esp my 4 YO. She is quite able to fart on demand. The thought of a 6mo doing this is more than I can handle... how adorably funny! You *must* get it on video!!!
Are there people who have BFPs for April already? I am still waiting to O and if I do get a BFP, I will be due in mid April.
Thank you! If nothing else, hubby is enjoying my "committment" to making it work this cycle. Ha! OPK was negative this afternoon, I am wondering if I should have done it yesterday. Those things are so tricky! I had a temp dip this morning (not that I'm obsessing) but it would have been nice to have a + OPK to confirm it, YK?
Are you still looking for a HB midwife? I have a few recommendations if you are. PM me.
I'm Oing this weekend, so I will be checking in next week, I am sure! I reviewed my FF charts and made some changes, which are making me feel very optimistic that it has been our timing that is off, not our bodies... so it makes me feel good that we'll be ensuring perfect timing and I will get a BFP this cycle!!!
So here I am... another O! Please let this be the one!!! Sorry for joining and then disappearing. we recently moved and I finally got my office together and the computer has been moved upstairs into it. I'm only on a few times a day as a result... which is good for me because I spend way too much time "plugged in" and it helps to keep me from constantly checking my chart! But it is bad for my involvement in any online discussion! I recently reviewed my last 7 charts on...
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