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Bumping this - I need to know, too!!
You have just made my whole day. Welcome to MDC!
Okay, Steve Carell is amazing. He was positively fantastic. I hope his career lasts decades. What a great actor - this was a really good episode for him. I laughed so hard over the Kevin story line - "I do the numbers" - oh my gosh, that was hilarious! I like Holly. Really, I love anyone who cares for our silly Michael. "Pass me the shiny tool you will" - I am actually glad Jim pocketed the ring when Andy started. That would have just been awful. And...
17K a year - ouch. Although on that note, Adam has really thrived with being my helper. My kids actually follow me everywhere during my chores, so everyone has a role. Nontoxic spray = Adam sprays while Sarah and I wipe; Adam has had his own broom for a year now and is actually fairly competent (though God help us when Sarah steps through his piles) - Pampered Chef makes a great little knife that he loves to cut things up with and their spreader is great for spreading...
Looks like my kids do when they eat hummus! The redness was pretty harsh with mine when they had a very strong garlic hummus and barely noticable when they ate plain, so I attributed it to the garlic oil on their sensitive skin (they're prone to reactions anyway). Thank God for hummus - what a great source of protein for my picky eaters!!!
I think that for my ds this is the case. I absolutely attribute his attention span to this aspect of our lives. Yesterday we read almost thirty books in one sitting. I think that his affinity for books - the thing he can spend the longest time doing - is part of his personality, but I think that his attention span has definitely been developed and enhanced by doing different activities than watching TV.
You guys beat me to it - I was just over at Officetally and now I'm busy speculating what is going to happen on Thursday. I was originally thinking Andy would spin off, but now I'm wondering if it is Pam and Jim?!? ...I forgot about the 'Second Life' character - a journalist in Philadelphia! ...Good art schools in Philadelphia/New York for Pam ...Jim incurring the wrath of Ryan and receiving warning/probation at DM Hmmmmmmm!!!! Check out this still from the...
And happy belated birthday, Rivka! And almost-happy-birthday to Andrya's baby! Still waiting patiently!!! I have three children napping together again today. I am drinking tea and eating a chocolate cupcake.
to you, Deb - I am so sorry.
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