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Quote: Originally Posted by Devaya Great thread. This is something I've been thinking about too. And I'll definitely have a look at your blog, Miss Information - (I've already been reading yours, Captain Crunchy ). . Wow thank you -- it feels good to know someone is actually reading Thank you for starting this thread MI -- it has been helpful
My objection to what the mom did has far less to do with santa and more to do with how rude it is to interject yourself into a private conversation involving imaginary play in such an ugly fashion. I mean, it could have been about anything they were talking about and it would have been rude.
Right, I understand that. We were veering off topic a tad so I was responding to that sentiment -- I agreed many posts ago that what the mother in the OP said and how she said it was very inappropriate imo.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sijae I don't go around telling kids there is no santa and I try to avoid the subject altogether. However I think it's wrong to lie to children. I wont lie to my kids or someone else's and my own trustworthiness and integrity is more important to me than someone else's need to lie to their kid. I did not grow up celebrating christmas or believing in santa or any other made up people (like the tooth fairy). My mother still...
Quote: or if you live in Florida and sunbathe once a week, year-round, do nothing. Score! So nice to know since I am lazy We don't seem to have any of the symptoms of deficiency-- I have been encouraging dh to wear less sunscreen (he is very fair but geez you don't need it to take a short walk lol) and dd and I get plenty of sunshine -- we just went to the beach all day today all day in fact.
Wouldn't bother me, especially since I knew the reason you have explained above.
The question is, what if your face absolutely glowed tomorrow and everyone complimented you saying your skin never looked better? Would you do it again on purpose?
So you mean I won't be singing "age of aquarious" replacing it with "age of aquarian" whenever I see your username anymore? Bummer. Congrats on the new name though!
Like anything, I think the goal is to strike a balance. There is no way I am agreeable to having random stuff spread from hell to breakfast in the name of creativity -- I would go batty. However, I would also never tell dd she couldn't mix playdough colors or insist she put everything away before getting something else out or tell her that the candyland pieces don't "go" on the checkerboard or something. I think we have a healthy balance -- as much as I have "stifled"...
Okay so you said in your first post that no one has funds until the beginning of the year --- do you think you would only have to live without electricity until then? So, say December 17th until say, Jan 10th or something? So that would be about a month. I think if there is no possible way at all to avoid this -- no one to stay with, no option whatsoever -- it can be done. Do you have a source of wood for your fireplace? Is your chimney clean? You have to make sure that...
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