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This is our third and our first two were surprises, but we wanted to find out this time. Our OB is 90% sure we're having our third boy. We're a little bummed b/c we wanted a little girl at some point and this is likely our last. But of course we'll love him no matter what. We'll have our "big" u/s sometime in the next month and know "for sure." I'm high risk, and have been seeing the doc every two weeks...he's finally letting me go four weeks...but that's why I get...
Oh...how long and what temp? I hadn't read to do that...will have to try it next time Thanks!
We got some frozen grassfed beef bones on Saturday. They have been in the fridge since then and I went to put them on to make broth, but wondered if they were still good. This is my first time making bone broth and the smell wasn't something I am used to, and I'm pregnant and very sensitive. They didn't smell bad, just different than fresh meat that I'm used to. Are they still okay to use?
Thanks ladies - these sound really good!
Thanks ladies Yes Vit D is TOP of the list... is CLO enough or do I need a D3 on top of that? My youngest was Vit D def and the only thing they could tell me was that it was from breastfeeding and maybe I didn't have enough to give him when I was pg. Do the greens make them taste funny at all? Or does it mainly taste like fruit? My oldest is so picky with texture and tastes...so it's hard to get him to eat lots of things. My youngest eats anything under the...
Anyone care to share their homemade salad dressing recipes? I basically buy two kinds (Cardini's Ceasar and Kraft's Greek Vinaigrette), and I make a blue cheese one... but it would be nice to expand our repertoire LOL Thanks!
I've noticed any time my boys have something with blue dye in it, their poops are green. So, I'd say it's the cupcakes.... I don't mind my kids having something like that on a special occasion - like a couple times a year - but it depends on what you want for them
My oldest ds is in school and brings home so many illnesses. He's a very picky eater, and this year I want to make sure he's at optimum health. I'm pg, and definitely don't want to be sick constantly this winter. So, I was looking at supplements and other things we should take, and of course CLO or Flax Oil is first on the list, as well as finding a good multivitamin that won't bankrupt us. But, FOOD, is probably the best source of nutrients. He loves yogurt and...
I'm so sorry, I know it's so hard to see your little one suffering and to not know what's wrong. My son siezed in my arms when he was nursing at 18 months old. He was extremely unresponsive after that for a long time. We called an ambulance and went to the hospital. He had another while they were checking him over. They told me it was febrile, but he had not been sick, nor did he have a fever prior to the seizure. My pediatrician agreed that something more was...
I thought I read that Armour does have calcitonin somewhere... can'tfind it again though.
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