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I can't believe I missed it ;-( haven't been on MDC for a long while, but have been doing TMs for a few years now.  Started clearing things out in February and early March, then ended up with several fractures in my face at the end of March and had to have surgery.  Going to be fine, but the recovery has taken longer than I expected; completely forgot about TMapping and just realized last night that it was already end of April.  Looked up the dates and now I'm...
Hi, I'll be traveling with dh & friend from FL to Concord, NC in less than two weeks - and we're looking for fun stops on the way - ideally, a lake or a river to enjoy for 2-3 days... my kids are 3 & 7 and hers are 6 & 11. From Concord, we're going to Tallahassee - maybe up to 2 hrs out of the way - would be great! TIA!!
can't wait to start!!
if you have a BJ's near you, I think their price on mac&cheese is still better than amazon - it's $10.99 for a 12-pack box. You don't get it delivered to your door though
not sure about guidelines, but maybe set something up on yahoo groups (or google groups - I was on a yahoo list and apparently someone from the media tried to join - but this was a nation-wide list and I haven't had any luck with it anyway) I think it should be invite - only - start with those that posted here and then invite-only? I know this is a public forum, but you can still get the sense of whether or not members here are legit through their posts, right?
i'd love to get on this list
Quote: Originally Posted by acegmom I may be mistaken, but if this is a FSA from 2008, you have until March 2009 to file already existing claims from 2008. However, any new purchases, claims, etc, made in 2009 can NOT be applied retroactively to use up any remaining 2008 balance. that's probably the case for most plans, but my employer's years runs April 1st to March 31st. So I have to make purchases by March 31 and then have 90 days to file...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ruthla Can you use the FSA for copays or out-of-pocket payments to a chiropractor or other "alternative health care provider" or does the money HAVE to go towards the medicine cabinet? yes - the $300 I"m looking at is after all of us get to a dentist for a cleaning / check-up AND we make chiro visits between now and end of March. I really overestimated how much we'd need for this year - by about 100% - again, a...
Quote: Originally Posted by TanyaS Can you buy vitamins and supplements with the account? no, unless they're prescribed by a doctor. Also, I just looked at the walgreens site and they have "FSA" marked next to items that should qualify. That's really helpful! I didn't think things like peroxide would qualify, but they do! It's so cheap though - that's a lot of peroxide for me to get my money out of the FSA argh, I should be happy we...
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