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Oh boy.... we're dealing with the same thing over here, too.... Brennan went from being so very peaceful in his first two weeks to now for the past few days being awake almost the entire day and being super duper fussy during those extensive waking hours. Farting/pooping/burping is a very temporary solution for him (the happier result maybe lasting about 5 minutes!) He has definitely been nursing a whole lot more...so I'm hoping that this is just a growth spurt and...
lol Brennan is doing that a few times a day, too.... So frustrating b/c he starts shrieking... and if he'd just keep his hands out of the way we'd be on the road to nourishment a whole lot faster! My 4.5 y/o thinks it's hysterical! He says his little bro is boxing against my boobies
such wonderful news!!!!!!!!!! we had a similar weight gain (6-10 @ dscharge to 7-9 at 9 days...) and I was jumping up and down w/excitement the other day! Definitely a breastfeeding confidence booster! :-) Way to go mama!
We've been using FB x-smalls and Kissaluvs 0s.... this little guy soaks through a kissaluvs with just one pee.....so I save them for home when I can change him every hour or so.... we use a double stuffed fuzzi bunz x-sm for overnight and double or single stuffed for outings depending on how long we'll be gone. Good covers seem to be the key to the kissaluvs lol I really LOVE how well they fit, though...and how well they contain everything.
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! What a ride! Brennan William Schooler arrived at 1:15 pm on Sunday... weighing in at 6lbs 15 oz. and measuring 20 inches long. I had an absolutely perfect experience with my hospital...I can't rave about the staff enough! (and my doc just HAPPENED to be on call when I delievered! YAY!) Brennan is nursing SO well....and his big brother is absolutely SMITTEN. We're all smitten. I'm so happy I just want to cry!!!!!!!! Will be back...
hmmm... i asked for a pattern? how about 5-7 min. apart? gonna wait a while longer, though... I don't want to jump the gun.... maybe I'll lay down and see what happens... It's like 30 degrees out there and DH just took a shower...it'd be just CRUEL to make him take our stuff out the car right now! Though I suppose I do have just cause for a smidge of cruelty at the moment, right?
about 36 hours of bloody show.... escalating intensity of contractions for the last 48 hours, but no definite consistent pattern yet.... getting very close, I can feel it..... I'm excited...and at the same time suddenly nervous! I've done this before, but the first experience left MUCH to be desired.... I just keep repeating, "I KNOW I CAN! I KNOW I CAN!" And I keep reminding my dh and myself that the hospital does NOT own me and that as long as things with the babe...
With my first I made the mistake of thinking that since my water had broken I'd have a baby faster if I went in to the hospital... so I called my doc and he told me to go NOW. I wasn't having any contractions....and of course they ended up inducing with pitocin and ds was born 30-some hours later. This time, my new doc said that if my water breaks and if fluid is clear, I should hang out at home until the contractions get "good"... So we shall see...
Wow this thread was wayyyyyyyyyyy back there.... (could it be b/c these babies are starting to come fast and furious?!?!?!??!) Anyway... here's my 38 week belly shot (and the bottle of cocoa butter laying on its side on my dresser on the left hand side of the picture?? A lot of good THAT has done! :) http://share.shutterfly.com/action/w...zZsWKE¬ag=1
still here... 38 weeks according to MY dates as of today... as of the doc's 38 weeks on Tuesday... My mom is now in town and staying with us and I don't think I've walked this much since...well... forever! Come on baby!!! We're waiting!!!!!!!!!!
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