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We just moved out here and are in desperate need of some friends.  My girls are 5 and 7.  We homeschool and live on a small farm with goats and chickens.  It is pretty lonley, as my husband works out of town 70% of the time.  We really, really, really need some like-minded folks to hang out with.
Welcome back :)
woo-hoo!  Congratulations!!!  :D
I thought I should be expecting my period this weekend so I went to look at the calender and realized I was already six days late.  I ran out to the drug store immediately and the test was positive.  We should be having our third baby/ second UC end of August.  
I don't see any differences either.
A mixed tomato salad with olive oil, basil, & salt/pepper has been my favorite lately (ideally a few different kinds of tomatoes).  So simple and delicious.  YUM.  The only unfortunate thing is that my kids hate fresh tomatoes so when we eat a tomato salad with dinner they need their own veg.  
Oh, thank you!  I have a copy but I shipped it to where we THOUGHT we were going to move a year ago and we haven't made it back home yet.
Even though we were certain we were "done" we have decided to have a third baby.  This will be our second UC.  I am so stupidly excited!   My husband had a vasectomy scheduled a few months ago but had to cancel it because of an emergency appendectomy.  They didn't want to do a second surgery soon after for risk of infection.  And he doesn't believe in fate! 
We are right smack dab in the middle of Haleiwa and as far as I could tell that was the going rate for a decent house. We looked at one that was 2700 and it was a pit. :\ Seriously though, check into Waialua. I like where I live but if I knew what a great community Waialua was I'd have looked there too.
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