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Hope you heal quickly and enjoy your babymoon! Give yourself time and space to process and heal. The joy and the pain do come together sometimes. ((hugs)) Sorry it went that way, but glad everyone's ok. 
So hard to type when always holding baby! But you'll get it. Just keep at it. LC should help. Sleepy is normal. Don't stop nursing on the wonky side--nursing is what is going to relieve pressure and make it go back down. I had to sort of squeeze mine to make it a shape she could latch onto when we were at that stage, does that make sense? Mine even bled a little, so when I pumped the milk was nasty and pink. (I was just dumping anyway, just trying not to explode. Didn't...
Sweet baby! Congratulations!
Way to go Rainy!!! So glad she's safely here, and hope she gets the latch thing straightened out quickly. You are amazing!! Enjoy your sweet baby prize. 
Congrats Littlebird!! 
NAK (nursing at keys--excuse brevity/typos)'   Congrats Cindy Lu and Slammerkin!!!
Ciga and Danielle, cute pics!   Em, so sorry to hear of problems with the dad right here at the end. Hope you get the support you deserve when birth day comes.   Slammerkin, sounds like your time is coming!   Rainy, how's it going? You still here?   Mainemama, I like both names but am going to be different and prefer Jasper. :)   Things are going fine here. Got lots of supportive family nearby and my mom cleaned my house, my cousin brought dinner, and I'm sitting...
The glowing family on the bed photo is AWESOME. I love it! Congratulations and enjoy your babymoon! 
She's beautiful! Congrats! Wishing you a lovely babymoon and easy recovery. 
We do the "rub her feet" thing or like Shiloh said--a quick photo op with an adult nearby. With my own kids I'm having a little more difficulty because I have a fairly responsible 7.5-year-old little mama who I feel like I can instruct and then trust with the baby, and a 3.5-year-old son who climbs on furniture and wields a plastic sword and armor and is offended to not have the same rights to his baby sister.  Regarding visitors, we're pretty open. We're a whole family...
New Posts  All Forums: