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And Catherine Zeta-Jones' sister?
Spoiler, but I can't figure out the black out thing, so avert your eyes..... That scene turned out ok. When others see the baby, there is awed silence. The violence stops all around them to let the mother and child pass. Old women in the building weep and reach out to gently touch the baby's foot as she passes. The young men outside are frozen. It struck me that they had never seen a baby before, yet here they were a bunch of guys with guns blazing and too much adrenaline...
Quote: Originally Posted by USAmma Lots of reasons. I have seen a lot of double middle names that include family names or spiritual names. The first name is what they want to call the child. The second name may be after a great-grandmother. The next middle name may be the mother's maiden last name, and then there's the legal last name. Something like that is often the case. Ummm, have you been reading my kids' birth certificates. That is...
I use Kodak because they have no limits as far as I can tell. I've averaged 50 photos per week for 3 years, and they are all still available. I also like to order prints and have them available for next day pick up at CVS. They aren't great for sharing on message boards or blogs, though, so I use Flickr or Photobucket for the few I do that with.
It's not something I plan to do. I think I'd be afraid.
Seriously?! What FTM has figured out how to nurse while walking by 2 weeks? I think it's got to be just open. Otherwise she's my hero.
Oh, I wish I had that book so I could help you. My dd's 3rd birthday party is tomorrow, and a good friend who just took a cake decorating class offered to make cupcakes for me or I'd be stressing with you. Good luck!
For an hour or two last night and a bit today, my three month old was very uncomfortable bordering on pained. He has grunted long, loud grunts as though he's pushing and pushing to poop. He seem happiest to be completely upright during these periods, but it doesn't seem like what we experienced with our first when she was refluxy. He's definitely not constipated as he's had several quite normal BMs both days. I don't think it's gas as he has eventually gotten comfortable...
My husband saw your pictures over my shoulder, and we both cracked up.
Our best friends' 7 year old has numerous serious allergies including peanut allergies. My husband has tree nut allergies.
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