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When DD2 was born, DD1 - then age 2 - had pretty much weaned. I remember a few weeks before the birth when she was sick and had a nursing marathon. But then that was pretty much the end. Later she would ask to nurse every now-and-then, but only stay on for a few seconds. There was one time where it seemed like she really wanted to nurse and she tried, but it was like she had forgotten how - poor thing. Made me sad. So I think it's sweet that your DD1 was able to nurse!
Here's a couple things that helped me out with the washing logistics. I kept in my office a plastic bowl big enough to store all the pump parts. That way, when I was done pumping, I would put everything in the bowl and haul it to the sink. It also worked to let the parts air dry in the bowl. Another thing I did was haul the parts to and from work in ziploc bags. I used the sturdy freezer type and would wash and re-use them.
My dd turned 3 in July and weighs just over 25 lbs. She's back at the 5th %-tile - hadn't been up that high on the chart since about 6-9 mo.
Thanks for the encouragement - I should have clarified in my post that if we did find out that it was celiac, I would make the necessary changes to her diet in an instant. It's just hard to know what to do when things aren't conclusive because my main goal each day is to get enough calories in her.
I believe that the total IgA test is the one that we still have the option of running. Even though the ped and specialist said it didn't seem necessary, I'm inclined to go ahead with it. I've been hesitant to make the leap to eliminating anything from her diet because I don't know if I would have the discipline (just being honost here!) to do so - especially with dairy and wheat which are very common in her diet. Thanks for the reply!
Here's our situation. My 3 yo dd has been underweight - not even on the charts at one point. About a year ago we did a number of tests and ruled out CF, etc. At her 3 yr checkup last month I asked to have her tested for celiac because I read an article and saw loose stools as a symptom. She's always had loose stools and now it seems to be hindering toilet training - i.e. she doesn't seem to be able to get to the toilet in time. The test results were not completely...
On the side where you don't get as much, does your babe by any chance nurse on that side last in the morning? I always find that to be the case. Don't worry about 8 oz bottles at this point - it sounds like you're producing enough for the next day plus you have a good freezer stash. Your babe may not ever take more than a few ounces at a time. Both of mine just took what they needed to make it through the day & gave up the bottle completely by about 7 months. They...
i was going to suggest surfing (esp anything bf related) because that's what helps me - i'm pumping right now in fact! as an alternative could you print out some articles about bf or parenting to read?
I took a course in college (about 5 years ago now) called Biology of Women and a few weeks back I dug out the textbook to see what it all had to say about pregnancy and birth. The section on breastfeeding had some interesting advice. First, it said something about mature milk not being produced while pregnant. Well, yes, if it's your first pregnancy then you will only have colostrum during the pregnancy. But hadn't they heard of someone nursing during a pregnancy? As far...
Have you already started pumping? You can pump now and store it in the freezer so that you're not as anxious about how much you get while at work. You can also try and pump on the weekends once you do start back to work and I think I even would pump first thing in the morning if I needed to some days for a little extra. I'm guessing that going home at lunch will help your supply out a bunch because your babe will be more efficient than a pumping session.
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