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I have been bitten at least half a dozen times in the past few days.  It gets old fast!  My last one was a biter ( who laughed at me every time he bit!) but it didn't start until he was 6-9 months old!  What to do, what to do?!
Can I join? My august baby is kiddo #5. Surprisingly, we've had many good days, but when we have a bad day it is BAD. Bad days start out with at least one of my brood crying/whining/screaming before I'm even out of bed. The other day it was my 4 yo dd because she couldn't get her shorts on ( because she wouldn't unbutton them, because then she can't zipper them), today it is my soon to be 2 yo son who is crying because he wants the ice cream cake we bought for the...
I hear you on the older child getting in the baby's face while latching/nursing. About a week ago my 4 yo dd was doing that it and it felt like a huge invasion of my space. I was firm with her about leaving the baby alone while nursing. Not five minutes later my 9 yo son is in the baby's face while nursing. I yelled at him. I just lost all patience. It is enough to have to nurse frequently, but to have my other kids all up in my space while I'm nursing just does not...
My daughter had it for maybe three days. Our doc said it was nothing to worry about, but I had never heard of/seen it before
Code: I have no intent to actually swim ( laps or otherwise), but was hoping I could go in the pool to cool off. I'm twelve days pp and my bleeding has almost stopped completely- yesterday I barely needed a pantyliner, today is the same except when I first went to the bathroom this morning there was a clot that came out when I urinated. This is our own pool and it is chlorinated and it is hot! Yay or nay?
I took a lot of vit c during my prior pregnancy- it was during the swine flu "epidemic" of 2009, and my son was born in the caul. I had a small tear which got one stitch, though mw said if I could stay in bed ( impossible with three other kid's) it would've healed fine on it's own. This time, I took vit c over the winter, to ward off colds and such, and my bag was really, really strong. Midwife did ultimately break it, but had a hard time doing so. Again, I had one...
Can you add me? Baby boy born 8/15, was due 8/1. Thanks!
I was told to put them in before I go to bed to avoid leaking.
I've gone to 41w 6 twice and 42 weeks this past pregnancy. I've tried everything except acupuncture, saving castor oil for 41w5, 6 and 42 weeks. Castor oil worked with two pregnancies, but not this last one (3 separate doses!). With each pregnancy babies have very clearly been 42 weeks- ten pounds plus, little vernix and long nails. Placenta has also had calcifications. I would not feel comfortable going past 42 weeks because at that stage, to me, the risk is greeater...
My motto after birth is don't look down there! After my dd's birth I was checking everything out and was horrified! Since then, I don't look until a good 3-4 months pp!
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