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Congrats! Love the name! I'm in awe you were at 9 cm for 12 hours- I would've been begging to transfer after 12 minutes. You are amazing!!!!
It's a boy! Had a super speedy labor- midwife broke my amniotic sac and an hour later I was holding my little guy! Very intense, but well worth the wait. Sending elvs for all the mamas still waiting!
Not a regular poster, but I'm still here, officially 42 weeks today. Since 37 weeks been doing everything ( epo, natural prostaglandins, walking, spicy food, nipple stimulation, two doses of castor oil, membrane sweep). Lost my plug on Friday, had contractions ten minutes apart for a few hours and then nothing. Did two doses of castor oil on sat, an hour of contractions and nothing. Yesterday thought I'd just " relax", let my bottom recover and only employed relations...
It's easy to see why your dp is head over heels- she is absolutely beautiful. Sorry to hear about the birth trauma and breastfeeding issues- take it one day at a time and know you've done everything you can- give yourself some time and space to heal.
Ugh! Lost my plug yesterday then started having contractions ten minutes apart for over an hour. Given my history of precipitous labors, we went in. Got checked, only at two. I walked, showered, and did the cohoshes and things finally petered out around eight o'clock and got sent home. This morning took a dose of castor oil. Had me on the toilet but no contractions. Just took another dose and hoping this will do it. So frustrating to feel like baby will never be born.
My unintentional unassisted ended up being a fantastic birth. My birth after that one-my little guy got stuck- it wasn't a dystocia and the midwives had me get onnhands and knees to get him out, but it opened my eyes to how easily something could go wrong. When his head emerged but then his body didn't slip out as I expected, my instincts didn't tell me to flip over, and I actually started to panic a bit. Coupled with high bp during that pregnancy, I personally don't...
Come on baby- I was due 8/1!
I lost my plug this morning! I was so excited but nothing else is happening. It came out in one glob and there's been nothing after that. I also felt compelled to check my bottom line- there's a dark purple line all the way up to my tail bone. Does this mean baby is just going to fall out, 'cuz I'm not feeling anything and the line has to be at least 5-6 cm, maybe more ( can't bring myself to break out a ruler)!
Can you have her check you again? If you're still 2-3, no worries, but if you're 5-6 you know to stick around?
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