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I know it could mean nothing, but at 41+4 and only having lost it during labor with baby #1 ( this is #5), I'm hoping it means labor is imminent!!!!!!
I remember my amniotic fluid smelling very earthy- definitely a distinct and unforgettable smell.
I only lost my plug with my first. This is baby number 5. My panties have been soaked for two days from all the discharge, but no plug, no water leaking. I'm 41+3!
Based on my two experiences it sounds like it is working! Come on baby girl!
Today was the first time in 3 pregnancies my midwife was able to reach to do a membrane sweep. It was very uncomfortable and I haven't had any contractions yet. I'm hoping it'll do something! At least you're contracting- keep it up!
Speaking as a member of the overdue club, I say go for it. I too had an unintentional unassisted birth- 1.5 hr labor, one push and she was born and though everything turned out ok, I'd rather not repeat that. I think overall, I'd want to avoid being held at the hospital for three days. But this is jmo.
Woohoo! Can't wait to hear the birth story!
It cleans you out pretty promptly and then there is nothing left to push out except for baby!
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