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I've had two successful castor oil inductions at 41+6. Now I'm at 41+3 and am feeling like another castor oil induction is in the near future ( though my last came on his own right at 40 weeks!). I definitely recommend mixing the castor oil with a shake- I've done chocolate and strawberry and the taste was mild. Hoping we all go into labor tonight and can resign from the club!
I'm glad lots of babies are being born, but it is depressing that some from the end of the month are here and mine isn't! No fair! I'm going to have dh attempt a membrane sweep tonight. I'm done trying walking ( multiple miles/day), spicy food, eggplant, etc. If need be I do castor oil at 41+6, but I am hoping it doesn't come to that. 41 weeks tomorrow and I was hoping to have baby by today. Come on little one!
Well, I guess I'll abandon the canned pineapple! No energy to cut up a real one! Had mw check- 1 cm and 50% effaced which basically means nothing lol. Had some spicy food- did nothing. Planning on resuming my Daily walk tonight and trying epo this weekend.
40+2 here. Natural induction attempts- Trying to ripen cervix with prostaglandins from dh- haven't been doing this every night though because seriously there is no room in there! Tried the scalini's eggplant ( goggle it)- ate it for a week straight and nada Ate a can of pineapple ( though honestly I can't remember if that is to get labor going or for ttc!). I've been to 41+6 with two previous pregnancies ( castor oil inductions) so while I'm hoping not to end up there,...
Well I've been hanging out in august (40 weeks/due today!) I was hoping for a July baby as well. Here's hoping all the due in July and early august mamas get to hold our babes soon! I went to 41+6 with two of mine and am hoping NOT to repeat that!
Congrats! Wonderful birth story and a handsome little man. We're still stuck on a boy's name ( this is boy #4!), so I'm eager to hear everyone else's names!
Congrats! Sounds like a wonderful birth!
Congrats on becoming a mama and the new little guy! Enjoy your baby moon! Ok other august mamas, this party has started- I know I'm ready to hold my little man!
She's beautiful! Congrats! Can't wait to hear the birth story. Enjoy your baby moon!
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