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Congrats! Can't wait to hear all about the baby girl! Best wishes for a wonderful baby moon!
I put on a waterproof mattress pad just because we're in a furnished rental and it's not my bed. It is definitely warm, but I got one that doesn't crinkle. My dd (4), actually had an accident in my bed the night before last (which NEVER happens) so I was thankful I had it on, though grumpy that I had to wash bed linens yet again.
Can't wait to hear the update!
I use depends for the first few days and then switch to regular pads during the day and depends at night for as long as it'd be a pita to have to wash sheets.
That we haven't had any august babies born yet? There always seem to be a few that come early.
I just purchased from confident beginnings without any issue ( so far!). Birthwithlove.com also has it
My doc uses the 130 cutoff. Being that my babies just keep getting bigger ( 9.9, 10, and 10.4) I was kind of ok with the lower cutoff. The three hr sucked, but I was within normal limits- yay! But, the doc measured me and said I'm measuring 38 weeks and I'm only 32. This is my fifth baby and not once have I ever measured anything ahead or behind. I'm wondering if he "measured" me big to justify having an u/s to "check growth" at 36 weeks? This is the same doc who...
I failed my 1 hr with a 131. Took the three hr on Tuesday- hopefully get good results back at my Appt today. I walked for about 20 minutes after each draw. This is my fifth baby- never been diagnosed with gd, but my babies keep getting bigger ( over 10 lbs). Hoping to go to a birth center ( last minute change of plans), and hope no gd issues! Wish me luck!
I love tiny prints- ESP that first one you linked to Carrie! I've been wanting to join Costco, now I can join without any doubts!
My last three births were water births and the water was so great ( except last go round hubby didn't exactly fill up the tub, maybe a quarter of the way which kind of defeats the whole purpose IMO). This time is a hospital birth, forget birthing in the tub they don't even HAVE tubs. Just going to have to deal somehow.
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