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The shower my coworkers had for me, almost everything was from my registry ( though mostly smaller items). My baby shower from my fam, I don't think there was anything from my registry. I didn't want to look a gift horse in the mouth, but things are tight when you're having a baby and possibly losing an income. I'd much rather someone bought me a carseat than get 15 outfits in 0-3 and tons of "art"/decorative stuff for the baby's room.
With ds2 I took my frozen lasagna out of the freezer and it didn't have time to defrost. I had an unintended uc as well, but for a variety of reasons (bp issues, babies keep getting bigger ( last one was 10 lbs 4 oz) I'd rather not risk any adverse outcomes- in fact I'm having a hospital birth after 3 non hospital births.
1st- 16 hrs 2nd- 3 hrs 3rd- 1.5 hrs ( unintended unassisted) 4th- 3 hrs I hope this one won't be 16 hrs, but who knows. And I'd much rather a fast labor than a three day!
Another vote for Declan. Or Simon? ( not sure with the n sounds on both kids' names though- wouldn't bother me but ...)
My 9 yo son got to see and feel some kicks this morning- too cool!
Even though we have one dd, dh believes he pretty much makes boys only ( this is our fourth boy!) too! Congrats!
Just my .02, but a lot of this boils down to boundaries and the fact that the grandparents here have no inclination to respect boundaries. I had toxic inlays who could not even abide by the simplest, most minute boundary because they had to control every situation. For example, if they were coming to visit I'd ask that they come at five. Societal convention suggests that you avoid coming earlier and you come at the invited time. My inlays would then respond well can we...
Mother4peace- if only it were as simple as you suggest. The op's mom did not make a mistake and forget a birthday or broke a dish. She called in the authorities as a way to get back at her daughter. With family like that who needs enemies? Since you have such a low post count, your contribution is purely suspect. Best to you on your journey.
We are having our fourth BOY!
I bought one for my first but never used it, as someone else mentioned, for anything other than holding clean laundry. Now that we're on number five, we're finally getting rid of it. So, I'd say no you don't need one. And if you do, you can buy it then.
New Posts  All Forums: