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Thanks Love! We have 4 dc and I am pregnant. I've started a pile of "lost" then found items, good to know I can just throw them in a box and check there later. I've been packing everything while decluttering but the thought of having people come to help pack makes me uneasy. I guess because I'd rather declutter/pack as I go, I can't see how it'd be helpful to have to tell everyone keep/trash like I'm on hoarders or something... Maybe they can help with dump...
My last two births were home births but I have had bp issues at the end that personally make me feel like I am no longer low risk. I have fast labors ( 3 hrs and under) and four kids with no one to care for them except dh and me. Logistically, hb makes the most sense for us. But, I feel like high bp/ pre-e is simply something I do not want to take a chance with. My kids would be way more traumatized by a hb transfer than a standard hospital birth, even with possible...
More great tips- it seems like so much to do with so little time!
Thanks Linda!
Linda on the move- we are currently in the middle of a relocation. I feel like we've got things pretty well organized, but would love to hear your tips. Arrangements for our travel/arrival are set, now the focus is on packing and wrapping up loose ends here. Counting down and hoping I'll be able to get it all done!
Congrats! Hard to believe we're finding out the sex ( really that we're about halfway through pregnancy!). Love those baby toes.
Carrie- if it's any consolation, dh didn't "get it" until baby number three. He was super contributor but was unable to get her to sleep most nights. With baby number four dh was finally able to get him to sleep, but I honestly think it was in large part to me weaning him. If the milk is there, why would the babe accept anything else (and who can blame them really?) As for extra activities, and expecting number five, we have limited our kids to one activity per...
We just went through the same thing. First, we made a budget comparing current salary and expenses to various new salary ranges and expected expenses. There are plenty of cost of living comparison calculators that can help. Find out if home and auto insurance is comparable, look at grocery store flyers for markets out there to compare food. Nwhat about energy costs? Plug in the info and plan it out so you know exactly what you're getting into. Ask prospective employer...
I would call the lawyer. I would think if you are named he could answer questions pertaining to you, but I am not a lawyer so I'm not definitely sure they would. Really though you should just call the executrix. Your deceased relative wanted to give something to you and you are just making sure their final wishes are being honored.
Moving around will help tremendously. Anyway you can labor in water? Amazing for pain relief. Also, since you know it'll be short, just tell yourself it'll be over soon. My last three labors were 3 hrs, 1.5 hrs, and 3 hrs. The last one was very intense and I asked for a cervical check because if I was only four I wanted to go to the hospital for the epidural- thankfully I was at ten.
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