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I wouldn't go primarily because I need a solid 30 days of not leaving the house after giving birth. If you do go, I'd keep baby in a sling, but realistically once one person holds baby everyone else WILL hold baby. Can you say no to the many people who will ask?
I' m the type of person who has a hard ti e forgiving myself, so personally, I'd move. If something ever happened ( there is a risk he could force his way into your home), I'd never forgive myself that I knew and yet I stayed. If there was a hand grenade or a bomb in the yard next to me I'd move, this doesn't seem much different to me.
Yeah, your dh needs to step up and grow up. He is a father now and he is obligated to be the family protector. Maybe he could see a counselor to figure out how to not be emotionally manipulated by his parents. You can lock the doors, and just not respond. You also have the option of calling them and laying down the law, but I would only do this as a last resort- dh needs to man up.
I haven't felt is during pregnancy ( baby no. 5 for me, pregnancy no 7) but I do hate that postpartum feeling like everything is going to fall out!
I think no news is probably good news. Considering how alarmist some (most?) mainstream Docs can be, I think if something looked "off" he'd probably be sending you off for all types of tests. Deep breath- baby is looking good!
I'm not opposed to drinking an occasional glass of wine during pregnancy, but my taste buds don't agree. Every sip of wine tastes like vinegar to me! Last pregnancy I was craving a guiness, so the first dinner after baby was born I had one( it was yummy) and I think it's supposed to help with iron?
Contests- just knowing is a relief! Glad the appt went well
We haven't told family yet and this is baby #5 for us. Prior to announcing pregnancy #4 my family said pretty much all the same things. After #4 was born and I was really hormonal and my family was basically treating the new babe as nothing special whatsoever I laid it all on the table. My parents were able to see my perspective and were sorry to have been so callous. My bro on the other hand continued/continues to be an insensitive heel. We are hoping dh gets a new...
Yay- there are now three ddcs after us!
Yes- please update? We're dining to know how far along you are! Eta- should be dying, not dining! Damn you autocorrect!
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