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This is baby #5 for us and we are not done (God willing). I've been having a rough time with the morning sickness, but holding that newborn makes it all worth it to me. I love seeing how I've grown as a mother, wife and person as each new child is so different and requires me to learn, grow and stretch. I love seeing how each new child brings a new dynamic to our family- softening rough spots in some kids, bringing perspective to other. Our growing family continues to...
Good luck!
I'm so sorry Erika. Prayers for healing and for your lost little one. I had back to back miscarriages and it sucked. You can and will get through this.
I can only feel the squishy vs firm border at this point. Once I hit twenty weeks or so, it becomes a piece of cake because my funds is huge and firm and everything else is crammed up into my rib cage.
What a relief! Contests on your baby boy!
  I'm 15 w, been wearing maternity since 11 w. Before that I wore my jeans but the button was uncomfortable.
Yeah, I was concerned I might have heart failure or something going on- forget going up stairs, walking from my living room to my bathroom and I'm out of breath!
Welcome back. Much better to jump ahead FIVE weeks!
I made the jump last year from sweetened yogurt to plain ( and for awhile I didn't even like the sweetened- it was too yogurty tasting) I switched to fage- either the ones with fruit ( which still have sugar) or the total. I was quickly able to go to the plain 2%. It is like eating cream cheese- yum. I've been eating the fruit ones due to m/s but bought a tub of 2% this week thinking it'd be a good 2:30 am snack.
I always read those inserts they include just to make sure my doc didn't give me something contraindicated during pregnancy. What a horrible mistake.
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