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Praying for you and the little one.
How exciting. I've always wanted to be pregnant at the same time as a friend (I have no sisters) IRL. Did you tell her you're pregnant or are you still waiting until next week?
I'll second the hypnobabies recommendation. Every pregnancy, I'm up from about 2 am to 5 am. If I listen to hypnobabies, that time awake is dramatically shortened.
Not in your DDC, but I wouldn't tell any of them when you're in labor and I wouldn't call them and tell them the baby has been born until you're ready to have them pop over (maybe wait a day or two!). I'd try and place some limits like no more than a 30 minute visit, especially if they all want to come over for that first visit. And, to be able to pull it off, you and DH need to start avoiding them now to throw them off your trail lol. (Not answering their calls,...
I thought VE were worthless until my mw missed my last birth. In hindsight, at 41 w 6 days, I think it would have been worth something to have a VE the day my daughter was born. I had taken 2 doses of castor oil and was talking to my mw on the phone. I wished I had had her come and check me after the first dose. I probably would've been 6/7 prior to the 2nd dose and she could've stuck around. My labor was 1.5 hrs, so in my case, I think a VE would have been helpful,...
I think since your policy is a self-insured policy (my DH has the same thing), I would try appealing to your HR director or someone who has the ability to make an exception. Clearly, a hb would be far cheaper than a hospital birth. Once someone in your DH's organization has the numbers in front of them, maybe they can approve an "alternative" treatment for you.
DDC crashing- but as a fellow pregnancy paranoia mama, make sure your ramen is msg free.
Anyone else seeing these ads? The macaroni and cheese looks SO GOOD. And I just saw one with some sort of beef and nachos. What an ingenious marketing ploy- put ads of your food product looking totally delectable in due date club forums! If I didn't have to get dressed and drag 3 kids to the grocery store, I'd have already made both of these! Oh, it's black bean dip- still it looks AWESOME.
You could always ask her to stay in a hotel when she comes. The postpartum period is such a new time, even guests who say they'll stay out of the way and help do still get in the way. My ILs tried to force their way into a visit with my 2nd. We had told them many times no visitors until 2+ weeks after the birth. They called us within 24 hours of the birth and said "we got a really good hotel deal and were able to get a room"- at that time of year, hotel rooms are...
Congrats! Any chance they were able to determine the sex? I have my NT scan next week and am hoping to find out...
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