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That's almost identical to my 2.5 year old's sleep routine. Except when we get too busy and don't nap until 6 or 7pm and then go to bed at midnight and get up at 11am.
Just my midwife. It's a complicated story. My OB was not supportive of homebirth with my situation. I kept my homebirth midwife in the event that the placenta moved enough, but I had to go forward planning a hospital birth. At 2.1, everyone felt that I had a good chance at a vaginal birth, but that I needed to be in the hospital. So, my midwife became my doula and planned to labor at home with me and then transport to the hospital late in labor and act as my doula. In the...
I had a homebirth in December after having a complete placenta previa at 34 weeks. I found an OB who took me on at 35 weeks and was willing to attempt vaginal birth even with the previa since it wasn't a central complete. He has had several experiences where the baby's head tamponades the placenta and is able to push through. Luckily, my placenta miraculously kept creeping further and further and was 2.1 cm at my final check at 39 weeks. I went on to 41.5 weeks and had a...
41+1 and nothing going on with my uterus, but my head is going mad My midwife is coming over today one last time to discuss our birth plans. I'm still trying to eek out a homebirth despite my low-lying (previously complete previa) placenta. Wish me luck.
40+6 and no signs of labor Feeling kind of bummed. I just called the maternal-fetal specialist I've been seeing because of my placenta previa to try and squeeze in one more placenta check ultrasound to see if the placenta has moved in to homebirth territory. They said they can't see me without an OB referral. I had it checked at 39w without a referral, but I guess I slipped through that time. Yuck.
I read more than I post, but I'm still here. 40+3 today. No signs of labor.
Liquid chlorophyll is working great for me too. And it's minty fresh!
My first birth was an easy, beautiful homebirth, so of course, I was planning the same this time around. Unfortunately at 31 weeks, I was diagnosed with a complete placenta previa. I've been on a major roller coaster over the past few weeks. The placenta has moved slightly from the os, but not enough for me to attempt another homebirth yet. I've gone from a guaranteed cesarean birth to holding on to hope that it will migrate into homebirth territory in the next few...
I don't think people really expect you to know when the baby is coming. Well, except for my HR person at work who asked me when my last day in the office would be. I told her that I was working until the baby arrived and she wanted to know what that date would be. And she has kids!:
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