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Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. Great job!
I'm in the same boat with my June 05 toddler. We have a Cal King and a twin squeezed together in a corner of our bedroom. I sleep on the side of the bed next to the twin. DD starts out in the twin and ends up in my armpit at some point during the night. I just don't know how that's going to work with the new baby.
I heard the same thing when I was pregnant with my first, but we used cloth from day one, and it wasn't an issue.
We're still hanging in there. Lila still nurses to sleep, at least once during the night, when she wakes up, and during the day a couple of times. I don't think there's anything there, but she doesn't seem to mind. I really want her to wean on her own and not due to my pregnancy, so I'm starting to relax a little and feel like we're on the home stretch.
I just bought a black tank at Target a few days ago. I bought it several sizes too big so that it wouldn't feel restrictive. It has adjustable straps that should make it easy access for nursing or easy to fling off. It's a soft polyester blend so I'm hoping it won't hold much water if I'm in and out of the pool. Last time I labored in a peach Bravado bra that became transparent in the water, so most of my labor pictures showed to much to share with others.
I was having excruciating pain until I went to the chiropractor last week. I had pretty much written my aches off as normal pregnancy pain until the chiro adjusted my sacrum and changed my life! I can get in and out of a vehicle, turn over in bed, put pants on, get up and down, and take stairs all pain free now!
Can anyone recommend any that you like? I just bought some cotton briefs in a large size, but I still don't like the elastic waistband. It feels restricting even if in a too big size. I'd like to find something with a wider less grippy elastic waist. Kind of like the band on maternity pants. Any suggestions?
I wish I had seen this thread earlier. Your pasta sounds great. It's getting close to 8pm, and I'm still not sure what we're having. So far, cheese, bananas, and grapes.
Welcome! Congratulations on your pregnancy.
Congratulations! You won't regret your decision.
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